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Welcome to my Blog!

I am an Avon Representative, since 2001.  This is my team training website, but all Reps are welcome. Since Avon is my business, you will find many of the posts pertain to your Avon business, but many of the ideas can be used in any Direct Sales or MLM Business. If you are already an Avon Representative […] Read More

6 Steps To Finish Your Year Strong In Your Avon Business

We are about to bid farewell to 2017. We’ve worked hard and accomplished everything we’ve set out to, and are about to end the year victoriously. Or, are we? Have you accomplished everything you wanted to do this year? Have you achieved all your New Year’s resolutions that you made last January? If not, it’s […] Read More

Grow Your Avon Business by Sending Love To Your Customers During the Holidays

One thing I’ve always done for my Avon customers is give them a gift certificate in a holiday card.  I go through my customer list and send a holiday card to every customer.  For those customers who have spent at least $100 with me during the year, I include a $5.00 gift certificate in their […] Read More

How To Be Really Good At Selling Avon

When you first get started in your Avon business, there can be a little bit of a learning curve. Nobody is born as a salesperson. I know sometimes when you see others having lots of success, it can look easy. But anyone who is good at selling Avon has taken the time to hone their […] Read More

Welcome Kits For New Avon Representatives

As an Avon Leadership Representative, you want your new team member to have a strong start. You want to do whatever you can do to help them so they can be successful. So one of the things I do with my new Representatives is I send them a Welcome Kit from me. I consider this […] Read More

How Can I Help You Today?

How Can I Help You Today?

As you go about your day talking to others about your business, it is important to keep in mind how you can help them. If you go about your day putting all your focus on the person you’re talking with and how you can help them, you become more of a Customer Service person rather […] Read More

Building Community In Your Avon Business

Many times when someone joins Avon as an Avon Representative, they think their business is about sales. They think about all the great salespeople they know, thinking, “Who can I get that sells? Who can I get that’s an existing sales person?” And they’re super excited that these sales friends will help them build a […] Read More

Build Loyal Customers With This One Simple Strategy

I have a strategy that I’ve used for years and years that has helped me build relationships with my customers, created loyalty with them, and even gotten me lots of referrals from those customers. Of course we all want to get new customers, and we’re working on that every day. But getting a customer can […] Read More

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