Prospecting with Drawing Slips

by Lynn Huber on July 30, 2013

drawing box - drawing slips

Drawing slips are a perfect way to help grow your Avon business.  Talk to local businesses and ask them to let you put a drawing on their counter.  This can be a fishbowl or any type of box that’s decorated with a hole in the top.  Create a flyer asking them to register for a prize drawing.  Be sure to have plenty of drawing forms there to be filled out, but make it clear they need to be 18 or older to register.  Use Avon’s Drawing Slips. I have updated them a little and you can download it here if you’d like.

Place as many of these boxes as possible.  Good choices are video stores, beauty shops, dry cleaners, doctors… anywhere that has a lot of traffic.  Every time you walk into a shop, ask the owner if you can leave a box.  The best way is to have 10 placed at a time for one week.  Then go back and collect the boxes and all the names and do one drawing including all the names you collected.  Then find 10 new locations and do it again and again.

Offer the business owners free products and referrals in exchange for letting you use some counter space.  Most times they will be happy to help you as they understand the struggles of small business.

One way to make it easier to get the business to allow you to leave the box is to use their product.  For instance, offer to purchase a $10 or $20 gift certificate from their business (dry cleaners, hair salons, etc.) to be raffled away.  People obviously already like that product since they’re already patrons of that business.  You get the names and the business gets the repeat customers, making it a win/win.

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By Lynn Huber

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