10 Actual Things You Can Do Today To Take Charge Of Your Avon Bu

10 Actual Things You Can Do Today To Take Charge Of Your Avon Business

10 Actual Things You Can Do Today To Take Charge Of Your Avon Business

Finding success in your Avon business means something different to every single person.  And it doesn’t always mean having fame and fortune.

Your definition of success may be dramatically different than that of any other representative, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

What’s important to remember is: No matter what your dreams, no matter what your circumstances, you CAN change your life’s path by making little changes.

These tiny little changes compound over time to produce amazing results, and the best part… they won’t take a tremendous amount of time out of your daily life.

Here are 10 things you can do right now, TODAY, to change your life and your level of success in your Avon business.

1.  Figure out who you want to be and what you want your Avon business to look like, ant then plan the steps you need to get you there.

Do you want to work to achieve the top level of Avon, complete with all the financial rewards and recognition that comes with it?  Maybe your goals are more aligned with being able to be home with your children, so you don’t have to miss their important milestones.

Every path requires different skills and knowledge base, so it’s important first to figure out what you need to live the life that you desire.

2.  Practice habit stacking – or multitasking.

If you’ve been meaning to spend time in Avon U and learning more about your business, but can’t seem to find the time, take the 10 minutes it takes your coffee to brew in the morning to go through 1 or 2 modules.

This commitment is much easier because it’s not a lot of time and you’re already spending that time waiting for your coffee.

3.  Incorporate the 5 minute rule.

Instead of committing to meditating for 20 minutes every day, commit to 5 minutes.  Or add an extra 5 minutes to the end of your cardio workout.  Take 5 minute blocks of time throughout the day in between whatever else you have going on to follow-up on orders or call a prospect.

It’s much easier to do something for 5 minutes than it is to carve out time for 20+ minutes.

4.  Make Clear Boundaries.

Boundaries are necessary to keep us sane in both our personal and our Avon lives.

Do you want to be on call with your customers 24/7 or would you like to handle business only during business hours?

Do you want toxic friends or family members sucking the fun out of your family events?  Consider who you want at these events and invite who you want, not who you feel obligated to invite.

5.  Identify as the person you want to be.

Use some adjectives to describe the type of person you want to be.

Are you “someone who doesn’t eat junk food,” or are you “someone who’s constantly tempted by snacks”?

Are you “trying to quit smoking,” or are you “a non-smoker”?

The same is true in your Avon business.  If you run your own business, you are the CEO, no matter how you slice it.

Turning your description of yourself into a positive voice – and dropping the word “trying” – really impacts your mindset.

Maybe you’re a “stay at home mom with a business that allows you to be home with the kids.”  Or maybe you’re the “CEO of your thriving Avon business and receiving all kinds of recognition, incentive trips.”

6.  Find your community and join them to further sink into your identity.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people will help you keep that positive mindset.  Attend every available local Avon meeting.

Make it a point to earn that next incentive trip.  This is CRITICAL if you are looking for a booming business!  Only the best of the best are on those Avon incentive trips, and these are the people you want to meet, make connections with, and build relationships with.

You can also surround yourself with people who are working their way up different companies.  It doesn’t have to be Avon.  If they have that same mindset, you can still be there for each other as you each build your respective businesses.

7.  Get back on the wagon immediately if you slip.

All is not lost if you make a mistake.

If you didn’t get your follow-ups in today, make a point to do double tomorrow, or take today’s follow-ups and spread them out over the next couple of days.  Just make sure they get done.

If you didn’t reach your sales goals this campaign, it’s not the end of the world.  You can work harder to make up for it next campaign.

You’ve worked hard to develop these habits so don’t allow all your hard work to go to waste because you made a simple mistake.  It’s far easier to start the habit immediately than it is to start all over again months down the road.

8.  Set a concrete goal for a certain number of days and don’t break the chain.

Tracking your activities gives you a visual reminder of all the progress you’re making.  The key is to make sure it’s an attainable goal.

If you’re looking to build a big business, set a goal of meeting 5 new people every day and getting their contact information, and then track it.  At the end of 30 days, evaluate whether this goal is reasonable.  Can it be increased, or should it be decreased?  And then track it for another 30 days.

You’ll also want to set sales goals for each campaign, and follow-up goals for every day.  Track these the same as above.

Your goals should make you stretch, but they should be attainable.  If you set your goals too large, it can become overwhelming and can lead to giving up.  Seeing your progress will give you increased energy to keep moving forward.

9.  Choose concrete goals instead of abstractions.

“Making more money” or “enrolling more Representatives” are not concrete goals; they are too abstract, and they don’t lead to forming healthy habits.

Instead, choose to talk to 5 people every day and get their contact information so you can follow up.  Choose a sales goal for the current campaign, depending on where you are, that could be $150, or $500, or even $3,000.  Choose a goal that will make you stretch but is still possible.

Over time, your business will grow.  At some point the habits of setting goals and tracking them will become second nature – a new habit – at which point you can add another tiny habit to the mix.

10.  If you start too big, don’t give up; just make your tiny habit a little smaller.

Many times, we set “tiny” habits that are still to big because we’re used to thinking of everything as oversized.  If you can’t commit to following up for 15 minutes, drop it down to a time that is possible for you to complete.  Or maybe break it into 5 minute slots three times during your day.

If you can’t get motivated to go out and meet people, let your first tiny habit getting dressed and out the door.  Set a smaller goal of the number of people you talk to.  But once you are out there meeting people, it will get easier.  And if you only get 1 name, at least you did it.

These tiny habits are meant to become automatic movements that you just don’t think about once they’re ingrained.

In the end, all these tiny habits build on each other and you will find yourself talking to more people, doing the daily follow-ups, and growing your business.

Tiny habits are the stepping stones upon which we build our lives and our Avon business.  If something isn’t working to our liking, or we’re not achieving the goals we want, then it’s time to explore how to change our tiny habits so we receive the outcome for which we work so hard.

There is a saying that I just love:

Most people overestimate what they can accomplish in one year, but underestimate what they can do in five years.

A year from now, you might not be exactly where you want in your business.

But if you stick with it and continue cultivating these tiny habits, you won’t even recognize your amazing Avon business in five years!

In fact, five years from now, your business will be thriving and full of people you haven’t even met yet.  Pretty exciting stuff, in my mind!

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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2 thoughts on “10 Actual Things You Can Do Today To Take Charge Of Your Avon Business”

  1. This is a lesson I truly needed. I’m happy with where I’m at, but I know I can get farther and actually achieve those trips (believe it or not – I think I get so nervous about being around crowds of people who are successful – that when it looks like I might just make it – I find excuses of why I can’t do some of the task I need to do) By setting smaller achievable goals, maybe I can overcome this anxiety. Thanks for your lessons, live feeds and great information. I will someday meet you on a trip, it’s just a matter of when. Deb

    1. Hi Deb, You can do this. And when you actually get on the trip, you’ll find that everyone is a lot like you! There is nothing really special about successful people except they don’t make excuses. They are people just like you and me. I can’t wait to meet you! ❤️

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