10 Excuses Standing In Your Way Of A Successful Avon Business

10 Excuses Standing In Your Way Of A Successful Avon Business

10 Excuses Standing In Your Way Of A Successful Avon Business

Believe it or not, the biggest reason you’re struggling to find success in your Avon business lies within yourself and the excuses you allow.

It’s our mind that often keeps us from accomplishing the greatness we crave.

And as humans, we sure do have a lot of excuses.

No surprise, but many of our excuses are most likely some variation of the same ones our parents used.

We use them to explain, justify or create a limitation as to why we can’t do something.

Our excuses are so powerful! 

They are THE reason we can’t increase our sales.  THE reason we can’t tell the truth to someone.  THE reason we don’t earn that next incentive trip.

If you’re seeing this in your life and in your Avon business, don’t be too hard on yourself.  It’s only natural for your mind to think this way.

After all, our mind is there to protect us; it wants comfort, protection and is always looking out for the next danger.

But as we all know, with great risk comes greatness.  We need to step out of our comfort zones to become the best version of ourselves possible…

That won’t happen if we keep allowing our mind to make excuses.

So, today is our chance to make better choices.

Let’s take a good look at ourselves and gauge whether we are just making excuses for ourselves and taking the easy way out.

Let’s look at 10 of the most common excuses. 

See if any sound familiar…

1 – The Don’t Care Excuse

You convince yourself that you don’t want or need whatever it was anyway.  For instance, I’m not going to work for that travel incentive because I have plans that week anyway.  Or I’m not going to that travel incentive because it would have been too much work anyway…

2 – The Passive Excuse –

Life is happening to you.  It’s beyond your control.  For instance, you got sucked into Facebook and don’t know what happened to the time.

3 – The Genetic Excuse –

That’s just how you were raised.  It’s how your parents are, and that’s what you learned.  For example, your father is an introvert, your mother is critical.

4 – The Victim Excuse –

It’s not your fault.  You are busy taking care of your aging parents and don’t have time to build your business.  You were late because you were hanging out with friends and couldn’t leave them.

5 – The Everyone Else Excuse –

It’s okay if I don’t achieve that trip.  Nobody from my State is going to make it either.  It’s just too hard or others in my area would be earning it.

6 – The Past Precedent Excuse –

You’ve never been able to increase your sales before.  You’ve tried so many times and nothing has worked.  Why would it be any different now?  Or last time you tried to earn the trip you didn’t qualify, so you probably won’t this time either.

7 – The How Things Are Excuse –

What you want to accomplish is just not possible for you.  Maybe you think you had a screwed-up childhood.  You were picked on as a kid.  You’ll never be able to amount to anything because of your past.

8 – The Done Enough Excuse –

You’ve had a rough life.  You’ve already accomplished so much.  Nobody should ask you for more than you’ve already done, as if pushing you further might break you, or you’ve earned the “badge” for the person who has been through the most in their life.  What else could anyone possibly want from you?

9 – The People Might Laugh At Me Excuse –

You’re not sure exactly what you’re doing, and you can’t try because somebody might see you doing it wrong and laugh at you.

10 – The I Have No Money Excuse –

You think it takes money to make money.  You’ve never had any money, and so you can’t be successful.

Everyone has their own favorite brand of excuse.

In truth, excuses are great – they keep us from having to do something we don’t want to do and allow us to explain why we can’t (insert blank here).

But the only thing is, these excuses have a darker side to them too.

They keep us from being successful.

Every one of these excuses have been overcome many times by many people.  They have been overcome by myself and others on our Avon team.

Don’t allow yourself to make the excuses that will interfere with your success.

Following your dreams takes the willingness to challenge your mind.

There’s always an excuse that seems to stop you from taking the next step.  That’s true for all of us.

Find a Way

Work to start paying attention to what excuses you are allowing to hold yourself back.

You can always take the next step.  It doesn’t matter where, or who, you are.  You can always move toward your dreams.  If you can imagine them, you sure can achieve them!

The question is: Are you willing to take the next step, despite whatever it is that gets in your way?

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10 Excuses Standing In Your Way Of A Successful Avon Business

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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