10 Mistakes To Avoid Making On Your Avon Facebook Parties

10 Mistakes To Avoid Making On Your Avon Facebook Parties

10 Mistakes To Avoid Making On Your Avon Facebook Parties

So you’ve scheduled your Facebook party and created your private Facebook Group for the party just like we’ve trained.

Are you feeling like your party isn’t as successful as it could be?

If this sounds familiar to you, here are some ideas of mistakes you might possibly be making with your Facebook parties and ways to get around them.

1.  Don’t Give Long-Winded, Snooze-Worthy Status Updates.

You will definitely need some posts to be longer, so that you can explain how the party works and where to shop online, etc.  Try to break it up into paragraphs, leaving as much white space as possible.  Make it easy to read and follow

For the posts themselves, work to keep the information provocative, concise and to the point.  Again, be sure to break up paragraphs, use emojis, and lots of white space, to a make it as easy as possible to read.

2.  Don’t Set Up The Facebook Group Too Early.

I strongly suggest you not set up the group too early.  I typically set mine up 5-7 days prior to the actual event.

The problem with setting up the group too early is that your party guests are coming for the party, which in our case, is a one-hour event on a specific date and time.  They are not looking to engage in a group for a week or so waiting for the party.

3.  Don’t Give Out The Group Link Too Early

When working with hostesses, we coach them to not just add people to the group.  No matter how many times we suggest this, most hostesses do it anyway.

That’s great that they’re inviting people.  But the problem is that most people either don’t get Facebook notifications or have them turned off, and so they never know that the party is even happening.

Instead, I suggest you set the date and time for your hostess.  Have it all ready, and have her start inviting people to the party – by text, phone, Facebook Message, etc. …just as though they were having a party at their house.  They can get commitments for guests to join and promise to send the link the day before the party.

This does two things:  First, it gets the commitment from guests that they want to come.  And Second, when you send the link the day before the party, it’s another chance to follow-up.

4.  Don’t Post Too Often Outside of The Party.

If you are giving out the private Facebook Group Link 5-7 days prior to the party, I suggest you only post 1-2 times per day in the group.

You want to post to keep them engaged, and you want to give helpful information about how the party will work.  Those things are critical.

But you don’t want to turn your 1-hour specific date/time party into a week-long event.

If you post too much, you may lose some people before the party even gets started.

5.  Don’t Fail to Use a Powerful Image.

As the success of Pinterest has confirmed, we live in a world that is all about images.

So, for your Facebook Private Party Group to be effective, you have to use effective images.

You can perform a Google search for image ideas, and Canva is a great place to create custom, eye catching images.  Canva even has templates that you can customize for your specific needs.

6.  Don’t Forget to Ask Your Attendees to Invite Their Friends.

The idea of a successful party means that you attract friends – and friends of friends!  The more exposure your event receives, the better.

Inviting your guests to invite their friends, and rewarding them for doing so, will help spread the word to a larger audience.

After all, word-of-mouth and personal endorsements are great tools for attracting a crowd.

7.  Don’t Forget to Add Important Links.

Unless you’re putting the right things in your event group, there is absolutely no point in creating one.

In the About Section of the Group, be sure to explain how the party will work, along with the Shopping Link, any special Avon deals going on, etc.

Basically, you should think of your Party’s Facebook Group as if it was a contact form, and be sure to include a call to action.

8.  Don’t Forget to Add a Pinned Post with Party Details.

Ideally, you’ll want to create a video where you talk about who you are and welcome people to your party, and maybe a little about how the party will work.  You want to keep your video short – about 1-3 minutes.

Post the video, along with a post about how the party works, where they will shop, and maybe even introduce the hostess (if it’s not yourself).

Pin this post to the top of the page so everyone sees it and feels welcomed to the party and knows what to expect.

9.  Don’t forget to Engage in Your Group.

Interacting and engaging with your audience is crucial to the success of your Facebook Party.

Like the comments people make and comment back to them.  This is the important part.  Don’t just click on Like.  Instead, ask questions to keep the conversation going.

You can also initiate discussions on topics related to the party such as things to bring, exciting giveaways for those in attendance, etc.

10.  Don’t Forget to Ask Your Guests to Fill Out a Drawing Slip.

This is critical to the success of your party because it is your lead generator and call-to-action all in one.

You can easily create a Virtual Party Prize Drawing form on Google Forms that can easily be shared with a link in your party.

Be sure to ask open-ended questions rather than close-ended.

i.e.  Instead of “Would you like to book a Facebook Party?” which can be answered with a yes or no, ask, “What type of party do you like best?” with several options to choose from: Facebook Party, Home Party, Catalog Party, or Not Into Parties, But I Love to Shop Online.

Offering options make it easy for your guests to say yes to booking a party.  When you follow-up with them, say something like, “I see you selected Facebook Party.  Yay!  Do you have a weekday in mind?”  See how that can make all the difference in booking your next party?

Having your guests fill out a Party Prize Drawing form also gives you an idea about who might be considering Selling Avon, and who you should follow up with about that.

And here’s a Bonus Tip for you: ?

11.  Don’t Forget to Follow Up with Pictures and Posts After the Party.

I typically keep my party open for one more day after the actual party timeframe.

The morning after your party, I strongly suggest you post a Post Party Poll with an image.  This gives you an idea of where people are at, and who needs extra attention.

Team Post Party Poll

And then, of course, after the party closes, you’ll definitely want to post the winners of any contests, drawings, etc. that you had.

This is great publicity and will make the people who missed out definitely want to be there next time!

If you’ve been making any of these mistakes on your Facebook Party Private Group, the good news is it’s not too late to fix them!  Unless of course the event has long since passed, in which case, there’s always next time.

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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