10 Powerful Recruiting Techniques For Massive Growth In Your Avo

10 Powerful Recruiting Techniques For Massive Growth In Your Avon Business

10 Powerful Recruiting Techniques For Massive Growth In Your Avon Business

If you want to build a huge Avon business and make a lot of money, it’s critical that you master some skills around how to bring new Representatives into your business.

Some people are very lucky to have many of their friends and family join their business and help them build a big business from the start. But for most of us, finding success means learning how to get outside of our sphere of influence.

When you look back at your business five years from now, you will find that the majority of people in your team are people that as of right now, you haven’t even met yet.

That’s a good thing because it just goes to show us that anybody can become successful. We just need to learn to get out of our comfort zone and meet more people.

So let’s look at some recruiting techniques to help you create that massive growth:

1 – Make a Decision

The Number One most important thing that has to happen is for you to make that decision that you will master this, no matter what… and you will not give up!

Make up your mind that you will learn and develop the skills that will make you a star recruiter. Make up your mind that you will overcome your fear of talking to people.

Your decision to be successful needs to be larger than your fears and insecurities. You can do this, but before you will be able to do it, you need to have made that decision.

2 – Develop a Recruiting Mindset

Take a good look at your Avon business. Why did you decide to sell Avon? What is your Avon business doing for you?

Maybe you love the quality product at value pricing. Or maybe you joined because you were following your friend into the business and have met some amazing people.

If you are still here, there is obviously something about Avon that is keeping you here – even if it is that you believe in the opportunity that you have in your hands, even though you haven’t quite realized the benefits yet.

Once you understand exactly what Avon has to offer, you are in a better position to share that opportunity with others. The benefits that you are receiving as an Avon Representative are powerful, and they are available to anyone else who wants them.

Be proud of what you have to offer. Be prepared and ready to approach others about selling Avon without fear or apology.

Know that what you have to offer is a great gift that could make a difference in that person’s life.

I don’t know of anywhere else where someone could have the opportunity to have their own business – one that can provide a great income to them and their family – for only $25, so never be afraid to share this to others.

3 – Make Friends

The most successful Avon Representatives have learned how to make friends.

Making friends and building relationships with people can make all the difference to your Avon business success.

Find ways to join groups and share hobbies with others so you can build relationships with them. Use social media to make friends.

Work on the friendships first, before prospecting everyone. Build trust and relationships, and those that join you will be solid partners.

4 – Develop Positive Daily Habits

It has been said that your income follows your personal growth. I believe this to be true!

Work to develop positive daily habits every day.

Some of these habits should be centered around personal growth and building a positive mindset. Attend trainings, read articles or books, listen to audios… always have something you are working on to help build your personal growth.

Some of your habits should be centered around activities that you do each day. Make it a point to connect with people every day.

Avon teaches a 5 x 5 system – talk to 5 people every day for 5 days a week. This is important to grow your business.

But also work to connect with at least 1 or 2 additional people everyday from your network. Call them, send a message, or comment on social media. Work to build the relationship with the people you already know, and let them know they are important to you.

Progress is perfection and if you keep these positive daily habits every day, you will find that your outlook, and your business, will change for the better.

5 – Always be Prepared

Always have Avon brochures with you. Be sure to have them labeled with your contact information and recruiting labels.

Also make it a point to carry Drawing Forms with you to get contact information from the people you meet every day.

If you are working to grow more of an online business, be prepared to talk to people that you meet as you go about your day.

Create a contact in your phone for yourself with your name, all the ways to contact you, and your Avon Online Store web address. When you meet someone new, have them put themselves into your phone contacts, and then share your contact with them.

Or, connect with them on social media right there as you are standing there talking.

These are the habits of top Avon recruiters. They are always prepared to share the Avon Opportunity with everyone they meet. Always be prepared.

6 – Get Really Good at Follow Up

Follow up is critical whether it’s with your customers or your prospects.

In today’s world, we’re all very busy. I might give you an Avon brochure and you might be looking at it late at night. You see things you want and even get excited about them and mark the pages so you won’t forget. But then you put it down because it’s too late to call me, and then the next day you’ve forgotten all about it.

But following up with your customers is just good customer service, and I pride myself on the service I provide my customers. When I call them to follow-up, they know I’m thinking of them and that I’ll be there to continue to take care of them.

The same thing is true for your prospects, those who have expressed an interest in selling Avon.

These can sometimes be the hardest to follow up with, because maybe you call them, and they don’t respond. Does that mean they’re not interested? Actually, No it does not, but it’s easy to convince ourselves that we shouldn’t “bug them.”

It’s critical to stay on the follow-ups until they either join or tell you they’re not interested.

I have had people who I’ve been following up with for years, and all of a sudden they get a message from me, and now is the right time for them.

So, am I going to chase them or follow up every single week? Absolutely not.

I have a systematic process for following up that I follow.  I use this same process with people I meet at shows, or as I go about my day. The process is the same.

7 – Tell Good Stories

Facts tell… stories sell. People don’t want to know more facts, but stories will capture their attention. Master Avon recruiters are great storytellers.

They don’t always have to be personal stories. Collect stories from other Avon Reps and even customers, so that you have some in your arsenal to share when appropriate. These can be stories about the products or the Avon business.

The more stories you share about Avon with people, the more you expose your business opportunity to the world and attract more people. The better you get at storytelling, the more people you will attract into your business.

8 – Listen and Ask Questions

It has been said that we have one mouth and two ears for a reason. It’s a very good idea to let our ears do two times the work of our mouth.

Learn to ask questions and listen for the answers. It’s not important that you be the one talking. In fact, you will be more successful if your prospect does most of the talking.

If you start asking the right questions, you will be better able to understand their needs and how you can benefit them. Make the conversation 100% about them and let them tell you how you can best help them.

This is probably one of the most important skills you can learn.

9 – Be Enthusiastic

Avon master recruiters are always pumped up and carry an active and energetic energy with them. Positivity and enthusiasm are infections, and people are attracted to those who have these attributes.

When you are enthusiastic, you help people feel good and comfortable around you. When they have a smile on their face, they are likely interested in what you have to say.

10 – Have HUGE Dreams

If you looked at all the very successful Avon Representatives, one thing they all have in common is HUGE DREAMS! They won’t accept less. They nurture their dreams daily and never let them go, and they’re always reaching for more.

Think outrageous, and dream of massive success and goals. Always work to expand your vision and work towards a bigger game plan.

Decide to be faster and stronger, and make up your mind to recruit more and grow exponentially!

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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