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100 NO’s

100 NO’sMany times, when you first get started, NO is the scariest word you might hear. It’s easy to take it personally when someone says NO to you.

But it’s not personal at all.

If you were a waitress at a coffee shop, and you were going around to see if you can fill people’s coffee cups, would you be offended if they said, “NO, Thank you?

Seriously, do you think the waitress goes back to the back room in tears thinking that she can’t do this job because someone said NO to her?

When you ask someone if they would like an Avon brochure, or if they might like to hear more about being an Avon Representative, and they say NO, it’s not about you at all.

When they say NO, maybe it means they need more information. Mostly, it just means, NO, not now.

The most successful Avon Representatives have learned how to handle the NO’s. They know that the word, “NO” simply means nothing has changed.

Think about it. If you ask your neighbor if she would like an Avon catalog and she says no… what has changed? Is she still your neighbor? YES! Did your income go up or down? NO! Nothing changed at all. She simply told you she wasn’t interested.


On the other hand, what if she said YES? Now there are some positive changes. You give her a brochure and she might place an order! Or she might even be interested in being an Avon Representative! These are all positive outcomes, right?!?

So in our business, there are only times when nothing changes, and times that are positive!

When someone tells you NO, they are not rejecting you or your products. They are simply telling you that they are unable or unwilling to make any changes at the moment.

Once you understand this, your business becomes a lot more fun.

These days I LOVE the NOs. It just tells me that I can move on and not waste my time with this person. I would much rather get a quick NO, than a long drawn-out “maybe.” It lets me get on with my business without the drama.

So, let’s make getting used to NO a lot more fun, and have some fun with our Avon business!

Download this document which has 100 NO’s listed on it.

Each time someone tells you NO, cross out one of the NO’s on the document. Set yourself a goal to get all 100 NO’s crossed off within the next 30 days! I’m serious! You can do this!


If you want to see your business explode with growth, take this little exercise seriously.

Here’s a tip that will make it easier – triple up! Ask someone:

  1. Would you be interested in Selling Avon? If they say NO, Cross off a NO and ask them…
  2. Would you like an Avon Catalog? If they say NO, Cross off a second NO and ask them…
  3. Would you give me a referral of someone who is interested in Avon? If they say NO again, you’ve already got 3 NO’s!!!

Believe it or not, you’ll never be better at getting those NO’s than you are right now. The more you do this, the tougher it will be to get those NO’s!

You’ll find that a YES will creep in here every once in a while.

Don’t let those YES's distract you from your goal of getting 100 NO’s.

Imagine the look in your neighbor’s face when she tells you NO and you respond, “Thanks! I’ve only got a couple more NO’s to go until I’m finished for the month. I was afraid you were going to say YES there for a minute.

Seriously, don’t take this exercise lightly. It works!


Get those NO’s now while it’s still easy for you to do so. The more experienced you become, the harder those NO’s will be to find.

Soon, you’ll find that you’re getting more YES’s than NO’s.

Good luck! We’d love to hear your experiences in the comments below. 🙂

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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