100+ Ways To Grow Your Avon Business

100+ Ways To Grow Your Avon Business

100+ Ways To Grow Your Avon Business

There are so many ways you can grow your Avon business. If you’re new, it can be tough to get started.

In order to achieve the success you both desire and deserve, it’s important that you first understand that this is a business.

The amount of time and effort that you put into your business will directly correlate with the amount of success you can expect.

One of the most important things to running a successful Avon business is being consistent. By being consistent, your customers know they can count on you to be there for whatever Avon needs they have.

They know you’ll be there for the long run, and that they can count on receiving their Avon orders in a timely manner.

As you’re looking to grow your business, in the beginning it may be hard to know what to do. Below are some ideas to get you off to a great start.

  1. Make sure EVERYONE knows you are now Selling Avon. They can’t buy from you if they don’t even know you’re selling.
  2. Don’t be SHY when discussing your Avon Business. Be Proud of what you do and what you have to offer someone.
  3. Smile when you’re on the phone or talking to someone in person.
  4. Be friendly and enthusiastic.
  5. Think about, “What’s in it for them,” rather than, “I hope they’ll buy something.”
  6. Use your product at home, work, camping, parties, etc.
  7. Wear Avon products – perfume, makeup, clothing, shoes, purses, jewelry, etc. Become a walking billboard.
  8. Get to know your products and learn all you can so you can talk about them comfortably.
  9. Always put forth an upbeat, positive attitude about your business – it really makes a difference!
  10. Make sure you give out brochures to everyone you know and everyone you meet EVERY Campaign.
  11. Follow up with every person you gave a brochure to. It’s easy and doesn’t have to be pressure. Just call/text/email/or whatever with, “Hi, My order is going in tomorrow. Is there anything I can order for you?” If yes, take their order. If no, it’s not a big deal. Say something like, “No problem. Hope you have a great day!
  12. Keep in mind that Yes, you do need new customers, but you don’t necessarily need that person you’re talking to.  Take the pressure off – let them decide if they’re interested or not.  Trust me, there will be plenty of other people you can share a brochure with.
  13. Keep a list of customers that you want to call/email or text before your order gets submitted every campaign.
  14. Ask your family and friends if they will help you by taking a brochure to work with them. You can even offer them a discount on their order if they bring you orders from their work.
  15. Take brochures to work with you. Use common sense. You don’t want to get in trouble at work. But you can be discreet and not let it interfere with your job.
  16. Give out Avon brochures to 3 new people every day! When you give someone a brochure that you don’t know, get their name and phone number so you can follow up before your next order.
  17. Carry a little notebook for taking people’s names and contact information for follow-up.
  18. Place a small Post-It Note on the front of every brochure. When you give the brochure to a new potential customer, have them write their contact information on the Post-It Note. Keep the Post-It Notes in a little notebook to keep them safe.
  19. Follow up on EVERY potential customer lead within 24 – 48 hours.
  20. Call back EVERYONE that tells YOU that they will call you.
  21. Call ANYONE who has said maybe or sometime or later.
  22. Make sure your Avon Online Store is setup and ready to go.
  23. Make sure you place your Avon Online Store link on all your brochures, business cards, flyers, and anything else you give out.
  24. Update your “About Me” section on all of your social media sites to include a link to your Avon Online Store: Facebook, twitter, Linked In, etc.
  25. Create a list of everyone you know, and everyone you knew in the past. Carry the list with you and add to it constantly. You don’t necessarily have to call every one on the list now, but keep it as a list to work from as you spread the word about your new Avon business.
  26. Call some of your former co-workers/classmates, and people from your list.
  27. Wear an Avon Button or Pin on your shirt or purse.
  28. Wear an Avon logo’d shirt.
  29. Host an Open House or Grand Opening
  30. Give out brochures to your Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Discovery Toys, and other home business Representatives/Distributors.
  31. Place a sign in your yard or on your car to advertise your Avon business. Be sure to include your NAME, phone number and your Avon Online Store website address.
  32. Leave brochures in 5 new places each Campaign.
  33. Set a goal of 2-5 NEW customers each Campaign.
  34. Increase the number of brochures you order by 10 more each campaign.
  35. Consider mailing brochures to people who live further from you. You can use Campaign Mailer to make this easy and inexpensive.
  36. Carry a small “idea” notebook around with you, so you can write down any ideas as you think of them.
  37. Advertise your new Avon Business in your community newsletters, local newspapers, etc.
  38. Randomly mail brochures, postcards or flyers to names found in your local phone book.
  39. Go around your neighborhood and knock on doors, asking them if they’d be interested in an Avon Brochure.
  40. Leave brochures on the doorknobs, or doorsteps around your neighborhood.
  41. Canvass your local Court House Offices. People who are serving Jury Duty are bored and would love something to look at.
  42. Leave brochures with the women who work in the DMV Office.
  43. Leave brochures with the women in your doctors/dentists offices.
  44. Include your business card or a small flyer with your bill payments.
  45. Go door-to-door in businesses. Develop a route where you will drop off brochures, and then deliver orders to the people in the businesses.
  46. Hair/Nail Salons are a great place to leave brochures.
  47. Find one new business to leave brochures in EVERY Campaign.
  48. Ask local businesses if you can leave brochures/business cards on their counter. Offer a drawing for people to fill out drawing slips.
  49. Work to collect 100 “No’s” every week/each campaign/ every xx days, etc. No’s are easier to collect, and remember each No gets you closer to a Yes.
  50. Offer a “Mini Avon Party” at businesses during their lunch hour.
  51. Host a show before or during a PTA Meeting.
  52. Ask one of your customers to host a “Book Party” or “Online Party.”
  53. Talk to schools/churches about Fundraisers.
  54. Send letters out to schools/churches with a Fundraiser Flyer.
  55. Mention to EVERY customer that Avon does great fundraisers. Give out Fundraiser Flyers.
  56. Sponsor a local Jr. League Sports Team.
  57. Remember, when someone says No, they’re not saying No to you. It’s not personal. No means “not today.” It’s not a good time, etc.
  58. Do something every day to move your business forward. Even when you don’t have time to work on your business, find at least a few minutes to do something.
  59. Donate products to your church or school raffles.
  60. Give Avon products as gifts.
  61. Make brand comparisons and provide copies for your customers.
  62. Cut out articles from magazines/newspapers that relate to your products. Share them with your customers.
  63. Always carry a “Demo basket” with you. You never know when your customers might want to try something, or have friends over at their house when you show up.
  64. Keep extra products on hand for those “Emergency Sales” (forgotten birthdays, anniversaries, bug guard for someone going camping, etc.
  65. But don’t carry a lot of stock. I strongly encourage Representatives to not stock up on products. Let Avon do the job of warehousing them. You can order as needed for your customers.
  66. Host Avon Parties, makeovers, and beauty bashes.
  67. Offer to teach skincare classes.
  68. Have a yard/garage sale, and setup at least one table for Avon products, brochures, samples, etc.
  69. Have a booth at a local fair or festival.
  70. Have a Birthday Club. During the month of the customer’s birthday, they get 10% or 20% off one/product/order. Or you can offer a birthday gift. The details are totally up to you.
  71. Offer a jewelry club. Get creative.
  72. Offer a “Frequent Buyer’s Club.” After your customer makes 10 purchases or spends a set amount of money, offer them a discount or free gift.
  73. Offer Free Gift Wrapping during the holidays, or even for birthdays.
  74. Host a Christmas Open House.
  75. Host a special Christmas Open House for the MEN, showcasing potential giftable products for the women in their lives.
  76. Have your customers fill out a “Wish List” around the holidays. Then call/email the list to their husband/significant other.
  77. Hold raffles or drawings at set times – maybe quarterly or around major holidays – for any customer who places an order of a specified size.
  78. Offer a free gift to anyone who refers a paying customer to you.
  79. Offer a one time only, New Customer Discount.
  80. Have special “Holiday” oriented sales. Have a “Bunny Sale” at Easter, and offer 5% off every product that begins with the letter “B.”
  81. Send letters to employers and managers of local businesses offering special holiday shopping services.
  82. Ask if you can leave brochures in the Employee Break Rooms.
  83. Set up a Display at your local mall or flea market.
  84. Join the Welcome Wagon program in your town. Include samples and brochures in the baskets that are given out to new neighbors. Be sure to work the list. New residents may be looking for you and what you have to offer.
  85. Hold Avon parties/boutiques at senior centers and nursing homes. Many of these people want to buy but have no way to go out.
  86. Offer a Gift Registry Program for New Moms, Brides, Sweet Sixteen, etc.
  87. Take good care of your customers. The more they feel appreciated, the more loyal they will be to you.
  88. Follow up with past orders, and call the customers when their favorite or regularly purchased products are on sale.
  89. Go through your customer receipts regularly and call everyone who hasn’t ordered in a while.
  90. Offer an “automatic purchase” program for your customers, so when their supply of reusable products gets low, they won’t have to remember to reorder them.
  91. Send Thank You Cards to the customers who have ordered online.
  92. Write Thank You Notes to customers who haven’t ordered in 2 campaigns or more.
  93. Email your customers with specials and incentives. Ask them to forward your emails to their friends.
  94. Keep a record of all your customer Birthdays. Give them a small gift on their Birthday, or at least send them a Birthday card.
  95. Use postcards and newsletters to continue to spark customer’s interest.
  96. Ask your customers if you can do a “skin care consultation” with them. Or if you can do a make-up makeover for practice purposes.
  97. Ask all of your customers for referrals. Make it worth their while. Offer them a free gift or discount for every referral that places and pays for their order.
  98. Invite people to be “Helpers” for you. They collect orders for you and get a discount on their products in return.
  99. Host a “Helper Appreciation Party” once a year.
  100. Choose a product each Campaign and designate it as the “Campaign Special” for that campaign. Make up flyers with the information about that product, offer samples, and discount it by 5020% if they purchase THAT campaign.
  101. Clip and keep any articles from National Magazines (Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Elle, Vogue, Ladies Home Journal, etc.) that recommend Avon/Mark products. Put them in a binder that you can show your customers.
  102. Leave perfume samples in Beauty Shops. Offer a free perfume to the owner when you get sales.
  103. Offer Gift Certificates for sale. These are great for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays, etc.
  104. Consider the Avon Leadership program for additional earnings.
  105. Call 2 potential customers/recruits EVERY Day.
  106. Take all of the Trainings on Take notes or screen shots of the ideas that are the most helpful to your business.
  107. Be willing to share the Avon Opportunity with others.
  108. Get clear about why you are selling Avon. What is it that gets you excited about your Avon business?
  109. Build your Avon story.
  110. Be prepared to answer questions about what you do.
  111. Read and study books, recordings, etc. about Sales, Self-improvement, and Positive Thinking.
  112. Turn your car into a rolling University. Listen to positive recordings in your car that you can learn from.
  113. Dream and Imagine the possibilities. There’s no limit to your Avon business, so don’t limit yourself.
  114. Read through OnlineBeautyBiz for more trainings and ideas.

Use the ones that work for you, and let the list spark new ideas that you can try. As you try more and more ideas, you’ll find what works for you and your business will soar!

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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