There’s no question about it. Whether you’re just starting out in your Avon business or have been in business for a long time, you’re always looking for new ways to work your business. Sometimes it feels like a moving target, especially when things are constantly changing.

100 Ways To Work Your Avon Business

100 Ways To Work Your Avon Business

There’s no question about it.  Whether you’re just starting out in your Avon business or have been in business for a long time, you’re always looking for new ways to work your business.

Sometimes it feels like a moving target, especially when things are constantly changing.

The way you approach your business today may be different than yesterday, and probably won’t look the same tomorrow.

But whether we’re working with Paper Avon Brochures or Digital Avon Brochures, some things never change.

Bottom line.  Growing your business is always about getting your business in front of more and more people.  So let’s look at some ways to expand our reach.

The ideas in this post were adapted from some Mary Kay training, but will still work in your Avon business.

Let’s look at 100 ideas to work your Avon Business.

  1. Give a brochure to the receptionist at your doctor’s or dentist’s office.  If you’re using the Digital Brochure, ask if you can text this awesome new way to view the brochure to her.
  2. Get a list from your community Welcome Wagon.
  3. Create cute sample packets to carry and hand out.
  4. Place your business card or Brochure at your hairdresser’s station.
  5. Place Avon brochures at the teachers’ lounge at your child’s school.
  6. Give Avon products as gifts.
  7. Hold an Avon Open House.
  8. Wear an Avon Pin or Name Tag.
  9. Host an Office Party
  10. Do a Fragrance Survey
  11. Offer a Christmas Wish List to your customer and then call their Santa.
  12. Place ads in the local high school’s newspaper for prom makeovers.
  13. Put a business card with a makeover offer in Trick ’or Treaters bags.
  14. Have a “Get to know you” party with your neighbors.
  15. Advertise in your alumni newspaper or local newspaper.
  16. Ask friends to host a party for you, or maybe a Facebook party.
  17. Advertise in your church bulletin.
  18. Host a show before a PTA meeting.
  19. Mail out samples, brochures, and wish lists.
  20. Advertise at preschools for the working mom.
  21. Create an Avon website, start blogging, and sharing your blog posts on social media.
  22. Set up a display at a craft table.
  23. Have your spouse promote you at work.
  24. Include your Avon Online Store on your email signature.
  25. Host a Christmas Shopping Show for men.
  26. Include a business card with your bill payments.
  27. Set up a display at a mall.
  28. State your business on your voicemail.
  29. Encourage relatives to book a party (live or Facebook) for you.
  30. Use Avon checks on your personal bank account.
  31. Ask past hostesses at shows to talk about their free product.
  32. Bring brochures and samples with you when traveling.
  33. Send emails to customers about the specials each campaign.
  34. Contact the local school’s cheerleading squad coach about a potential fundraiser.
  35. Advertise in local schools’ parent newsletter.
  36. Give Avon products as donations.
  37. Conduct Skin Care surveys.
  38. Give out your business to anyone who helps you.
  39. Contact local churches about girl youth groups, or fundraising opportunities.
  40. Encourage preferred customers to host shows.
  41. Place your Avon Brochures in the employee break room.
  42. Use Campaign Mailer to make sure all your customers receive a brochure every campaign.
  43. Advertise with local dance schools.
  44. Set up a display at a job fair.
  45. Build a Before & After Model Portfolio.
  46. Join your local Chamber of Commerce.
  47. Set up a display in a local gym.
  48. Go to motivational seminars and network.
  49. Send an Avon Brochure to a friend who has moved.
  50. Wear Avon t-shirts or sweatshirts.
  51. Visit hotels and offer the staff a quick makeover on their break.
  52. Leave a brochure at your doctor, dentist or beauty salons.
  53. Set up a display at a health fair to show bug guard/sun care products.
  54. Leave your business cards on bulletin boards or in local businesses.
  55. Do a silent hostess show with an out-of-town friend or relative.
  56. Be your own hostess – host a Facebook party.
  57. New moms!
  58. Birthday leads.
  59. Go to Bridal Fairs.
  60. Ladies Clubs.
  61. Contact your local Girl Scouts.
  62. Contact brides from newspapers.
  63. Take a full size product to share with everyone at every potluck.
  64. Ask for referrals from past hostesses and customers.
  65. Hold appreciation days at places of businesses.
  66. Offer to do a pampering session during nurse appreciation week.
  67. Give a friend/relative 10 brochures to pass out to their friends.
  68. Be the supplier of gifts to local businesses’ best clients.
  69. Send a brochure to your Tupperware, etc. reps.
  70. Bring flyers with gift ideas to local fire stations.
  71. Set up a display at a school fair.
  72. Use a fishbowl at your favorite clothing store.
  73. Use a fishbowl at your favorite nail salon.
  74. Use a fishbowl at your dry cleaners.
  75. Decorate your trunk like Christmas with gift ideas.
  76. Mom and Me Parties.
  77. Professional Women.
  78. Do a web class.
  79. Have a Referral Club.
  80. Set up in a Bridal Shop.
  81. Bring goodie bags to bank tellers.
  82. Offer a bridal registry.
  83. Do lipstick surveys.
  84. Referral by a friend.
  85. Host a Grand Opening.
  86. Call your realtor with suggestion of Avon New Home gift packages.
  87. Ask friends/family to place your brochures in their break rooms.
  88. Do a joint open house with other home-based businesses.
  89. Put an “Ask Me About Avon” button on your purse or coat.
  90. Leave your business card with a sample with your tip for the waitress.
  91. Hand out your business card to everyone.
  92. Follow-up on every referral lead.
  93. Put an Avon logo car decal on your car.
  94. Play Tic-Tac-Toe.
  95. Place flyers in apartment laundry rooms.
  96. Leave your business card with your manicurist.
  97. Host a product preview party with the new products.
  98. Host a Re-Grand Opening of your business.
  99. Have your friends host a Good Pack party to earn products FREE.
  100. Offer Back-to-School specials for teachers.

So, there you go.  100 ideas to work your Avon business.

I’m sure there are hundreds of more ways as well.  What ideas do you have?  Please share in the comments below.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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