4 Ways To Encourage Innovation In Your Avon Team

4 Ways To Encourage Innovation In Your Avon Business

4 Ways To Encourage Innovation In Your Avon Business

It’s getting harder and harder in this ever-changing world to encourage your team members to success.

To best help your team, it’s time to stop relying on old ways and become forward thinkers.

Here are some ideas to help you inspire your team:

1.  Follow the 20/80 Rule.

We should all be familiar with the 80/20 rule, and it is still true. 80% of the success will come from 20% of people on your team.

But it’s also important to understand the 20/80 Rule. It’s easier to change twenty percent of your team 80% than it is to change 80% of your team by 20%.

The trick is to find the top and bottom 10% and start there.

To really grow in our Avon business, we need to watch out for the middle. The middle is dangerous and this is where most of your team is. Those in the middle are mostly “status quo,” and that’s very difficult to do anything with.

If you look at the fringes, the top and bottom 10%, that’s where we’re going to find the people who will make a difference. Those in these two groups either find their present situation intolerable and want to change it, or they see opportunity and are willing to work for it.

2.  Focus on Growth

Constantly seek to bring new team members into your business.

The more new people you bring into your business, the more excited your team will be and the larger the overall growth.

Your goal is not to rack up as many recruits as possible, but being a leader and a trainer. Work to help them become successful.

3.  Leave room for the new.

Leaders should seek out and listen to those who are not stuck on tradition – usually the younger, more vibrant individuals.

Ask them what you can do differently. Encourage them to push the existing boundaries.

These people on your team have a lot to teach you as well. Allow them to disrupt your current thoughts and beliefs to promote innovative thinking.

4.  Be willing to learn new procedures and ideas.

Know that things are always changing. That is the nature of business.

Be willing to adapt to the changes and learn how to implement them efficiently into your business.

A perfect example of this is more and more people want to shop online. Avon is on the forefront with teaching their Representatives how to make the most of this new trend. Grab the opportunity and run with it. Learn all you can, and use the new training to really help your business grow.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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