4 Ways To Get More Eyes On Your Live Videos

4 Ways To Get More Eyes On Your Live Videos

4 Ways To Get More Eyes On Your Live Videos

Live, streaming video is the hottest new thing to promote your Avon business and grow your online audience, but if you can’t get eyes on your video, it won’t work as well as it could.

And let’s face it; traffic is the toughest nut to crack, no matter which technique you’re using.

Here’s how to easily draw a crowd to your next live video event.

Promote Ahead of Time

This is key. You have to build a buzz about your live video.

While you can (and sometimes should) go live in an impromptu manner, this should be the exception, not the rule.

A far better choice is to let your fans and followers know ahead of time that you’ll be hosting a live video, and how (and why) they should join you.

Use the tools already at your disposal—your blog, your email list, your Facebook and LinkedIn groups, and your Twitter following—to make sure everyone knows when you’ll be on, and why they should be watching.

And be sure to remind them as the day gets closer!

Offer a Giveaway

Here’s one sure way to get fans to show up—offer something for free.

Have a live drawing for an Avon basket or bundle of products.

An eBook that teaches skincare, makeup tips, or beauty can be an ideal, very inexpensive giveaway.

By delivering your gift via email autoresponder, you can take the opportunity to grow your mailing list as well.

Make a Big Reveal

You’ll definitely want to promote this one ahead of time. Send out a few “teaser” emails promising big news; post about it on your other social accounts; create a Facebook event and schedule paid ads to invite interested people.

Then use the live video to answer questions and announce your launch, perhaps with a special introductory or fast-action price.

Prompt Further Clicks with a Call to Action

The end of a video is just as important as the beginning. Create a call-to-action at the end of each video to prompt viewers to learn more about what you offer in your Avon business, shop at your online store, or watch another video.

Ask your viewers to like and share your video. Offer a drawing to everyone who likes and shares your video. Even just a couple of shares can dramatically increase your reach.

Live video is definitely a marketing tool that will dramatically help you build your Avon business.

But using it without a plan to attract more eyes will be an exercise in frustration. Use these four strategies to get more people interested in your videos, and they’ll work far better for you and your business.

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Lynn Huber

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