5 Creative Ways To Reward Your Loyal Avon Customers

5 Creative Ways To Reward Your Loyal Avon Customers

5 Creative Ways To Reward Your Loyal Avon Customers

Finding ways to reward your local customers is a great way to demonstrate to your customers how important they are to you.

You know that your customers are what make your entire life possible and why you do what you do. But you must demonstrate this via your actions to them before they get it.

Let’s look at five creative ways to reward your loyal Avon customers.

1 – Unannounced Bonuses

You always have a chance to wow customers by giving unannounced bonuses.  There are a couple of ways you can do this:

    • You can offer a drawing for everyone who places an online order in a certain campaign.
    • You can just mail them an additional bonus any time after they purchase – such as a sample of an upcoming product.

2 – Special Open Door Days

Offer your customers special Q & A days via your Facebook group chat or via a Zoom webinar. You can even let them jump on a group call that is conducted only by phone.

There is enough technology that is inexpensive that you can use for this that it won’t be hard to do.

You can host this randomly too by sending out an email to your customers an hour before you do a live Q and A on Facebook Live.

3 – Sneak Peak & Early Product Access

Send your customers early notice and early discount opportunities for your products before the official launch.

Avon has been making this pretty easy for us by offering special online only deals for products that are soon to be launched.  Take advantage of these special offers.

This is a great way to help your customers feel special for being loyal.

Your customers can even take part in helping you with testimonials and their thoughts about the products while feeling special due to getting it early.

4 – Discounts to Give to Their Friends

A fun thing to give your customers is a discount code that they can provide to their friends.

People love giving their friends discount codes. That’s why ride shares, room rentals, and food delivery programs have taken off so fast. It’s all due to the free sharing of the discount codes.

If you are using something you really like, you’re for sure going to give that code to others.

It’s nice if you provide them with a discount on their next purchase, too.

Take advantage of Avon’s Refer a Friend program.  Make sure your customers know about it.

Refer a Friend

They can give friends $5 off* their first order of $50 or more and your customer will get $5 off their own $50 order when they make a purchase.

5 – Highlight a Special Customer Every Month

A creative way to get attention for your business while also doing something nice for your customers is to do something to highlight an individual customer every month.

Beware, some people don’t want to be called out as customers or recognized, so you might check with them before publicly calling them out.

You can also simply do it privately by sending a birthday gift to each of your customers.

These five creative ways to reward loyal customers are easy to implement and inexpensive to add, but they will make a massive difference in how your customers see your Avon business and their place within it.

The reward should be simple for your customer to use without any hoop jumping required.

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