6 Selling Tips To Help You Grow Your Avon Business

6 Selling Tips To Help You Grow Your Avon Business

6 Selling Tips To Help You Grow Your Avon Business

Are you interested in growing your Avon business?

It’s actually pretty easy to grow an Avon business. Now, I’m not saying you don’t have to work – you DO! But if you put in consistent effort and don’t give up, before long you will have a thriving business.

There are all kinds of resources to help you. is a great place for training. And of course, this blog is also a great resource.

So today, I’ll share some tips that can help you be wildly successful:

1.  Use Labels to Promote Your Avon Website on Every Avon Brochure –

Be sure to include your name, phone number, email address and your Avon website on every brochure you give out. This includes your Avon Brochures, Business Cards, and Recruiting Cards. Every time you give someone your brochure or business card, make sure that there is a label letting them know they can buy from you in person or online, whichever they prefer.

2.  Make Sure Everyone Knows You Sell Avon –

It is crucial that everyone you know knows that you sell Avon. Don’t keep it a secret. This includes everyone you know in person, in your neighborhood, in your church, school, wherever, as well as all your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Avon provides you with social media posts so you always know what to say on your social media sites to introduce your new business.

It’s up to you to brand yourself so that when someone wants or needs Avon, you are the name they think of first.

3.  Keep up with Avon Coupon Codes, Special Offers and Discounts –

Add yourself to your address book in your web office and make sure you’re receiving all the emails Avon sends out. This way you will receive all the special offers so you can promote them on your social media sites.

4.  Don’t Spend All Your Profits On Product For Yourself –

Many Avon Representatives make the mistake of spending all their profits on items for themselves. Then they look at their business and think they didn’t make any money. Keep in mind that anything you spent would be no different than taking your Avon paycheck and going to Wal-Mart to spend it. You earned the money, but because you spent it, you didn’t see it.

5.  Approach Businesses in Your Community –

This can be a goldmine if you work it properly. Women who work in local offices wear cosmetics to work every day and love Avon. Perfect examples are doctors and dentist offices, insurance agents, lawyers, etc.

Take a stack of Avon brochures and some samples and drop them off with the receptionist at offices in your area. Offer an incentive to buy from you – such as giving first time customers a free gift or a small percentage off their order.

Let them know you’ll be returning at about the same time each week to offer more samples and to take their orders. You’ll be surprised at how well this works, and before you know it you’ll be delivering 5-6 orders in each office.

6.  Order Plenty Of Brochures –

Brochures really are your “store.” They are designed well, colorful, and very inexpensive. The photos are very clear and the brochure is professionally designed. In every brochure, Avon also includes their famous scratch-and-sniff perfume samples.

Not looking to use Brochures?  That’s totally okay.  But you still have to find a way to get the Digital Brochure into as many hands (mobile phones / tablets / computers) as possible.  Create a Shuffle Card and collect contact information in your shuffle Account of everyone you meet.  Use Project Broadcast to share your Digital Brochure.  Or just create a contact for yourself in your phone.  Hand your phone to your prospect and ask them to add themselves to your contacts, and then share your contact of you to them via text.

The most important thing, whether you’re using Physical Brochures or Digital Brochures, is to get the  Brochure in as many hands as possible and then follow-up before you place your order or the campaign ends online.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber