A Little Trick To Get More Facebook Likes

A Little Trick To Get More Facebook Likes

A Little Trick To Get More Facebook Likes

Of course we all want likes on our Facebook posts and pages, right?!?

Of course likes are important. They are the fuel that runs the Facebook machine.

Facebook uses likes to determine how many people will see that post.

Not only that, when someone likes a post on your page, many times their friends will see that they liked it – so the reach grows outside of your sphere of influence and into your friends, and friends of friends, and on and on…

If you can get someone to like your Facebook Page, that’s even better. Posts are organically shown to only those who like your page. By liking your page, they’ve told Facebook that they want to see more.

So when people Like your Facebook page, they’re like subscribers to your page. It’s like building a list on Facebook.

So as you can see below, Love My Beauty Biz is my personal Facebook Business Page, where I prospect for more customers and recruits. You can see that as of right now, I have 248 people who like my page and 254 followers. Sometimes people choose to follow your page rather than like it.

LoveMyBeautyBiz Page Likes

So, if they Like your Facebook Page, there’s a pretty good chance that they will see more of your future posts.

So as you can see in my post below about how every new Representative that joins by April 2nd will get a free Espira Hunger Block, the reach was 72 people. That means 72 people saw the post.

LoveMyBeauty Biz Facebook Post

As the number of people who likes my page grows, and as I get more interaction on my posts, my reach will increase.

On a side note, there are people out there who will sell you likes. You do not want these. You want real likes from real people, grown organically. It will come – it just takes time.

So here’s my little trick to help you get more Facebook Likes:

So below is a post that I publish to Facebook every campaign showing my current brochure. Click here if you want to learn how to do this.

You can see this has a reach of 904 people. This one is high because I have an ad running on it.

LoveMyBeautyBiz Brochure Link

Click on the list of names – it gives some names and then 108 others – click directly on that text. Sometimes it will just have a number. You can click on the number, or on the little thumbs up icon next to the number.

Then it will come up with a list of those people who liked, thumbs up, laughed, etc. on your post.


These are the people who have recently engaged with your post. That shows that they are interested.

You’ll see some of these are greyed out and say Invited or Liked. You can only invite someone one time.

But you’ll see some that have buttons that say, “Invite.” Just click those buttons to Invite them to like your page.

As you first get started, there won’t be a lot of people. But it will grow with time.

Not all the people you invite will come back and Like your page. I’ve found that about 30% of them will. The sooner you invite them after they’ve interacted with your post, the more likely they will Like your page.

It’s pretty simple. Just go to your page, look at the people who interacted with your posts, and invite them to like your page.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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