Always Follow Through And Make Things Right

Always Follow Through And Make Things Right

Always Follow Through And Make Things Right

What would you do differently if you knew that the angry person you just got an email from was either going to become a loyal fan or an angry former customer, depending on what you did right from that moment on?

Here are some tips to help you turn that person into a loyal fan.

Put Everything into Context –

When you get a customer complaint, listen to everything all at once while only listening to things in context to the problem that you can control.

Some of the words that customers use in anger are not relevant to your solution.

When you take those out and put everything into context, it won’t seem as harsh to you, and it’ll be easier to react appropriately.

Read Around the Anger –

If you’re reading, it’s easier than if you’re listening, but if you can let go of the customer’s emotions and not allow that to cloud your judgment, then you can get a leg up in helping the customer.

You don’t have to lay down and take abuse, but you can turn people around just by being patient through their anger.

Apologize Properly –

When you tell someone you’re sorry, there is never a “but” to it.

It’s just I am sorry for what I did, and I will not do it again, and this is how I will fix it and make restitution.

That’s simple, but for some reason, people like to put conditions on apologies. If you do, then the apology is not real.

Show Empathy –

Use language with the customer that shows you are putting yourself in their shoes.

When you can show that you care by stating that you care and doing things to back up that you care, they’ll get it.

Keep Your Language Positive –

“I completely understand why that is a problem. I’m so sorry you had that experience. I’ll pick up that defective product, refund your money (or order a replacement), and bring you a free sample pack. How does that sound?”

Listen for the Solution –

When you let the customer talk and get out the entire issue without interrupting with a bunch of questions right away, you can sometimes get an answer that will work for them as a solution.

Be Fast to Return the Money –

If you realize that nothing you say is going to help a situation and the customer is determined to keep arguing or complaining no matter what, just offer them their money back.

It’s not worth it to worry about. The only time you should get concerned about returns is if your customer is abusing the return process.

Keep Following Up –

Keeping the lines of communication open will always ensure that your customers stay happy.

If they cannot get ahold of you, how can you make things right?

If they can get ahold of you fast, you’ll have more of an opportunity to fix things.

Keeping your customers happy and making it right if something does go wrong is an essential component in having a sustainable business.

It costs way less to keep your customers happy than it does to go out and find more customers – the more you can hold on to, the better.

And the happier your customers are, the more they’ll refer you to their friends and family.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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