As An Avon Representative, Avon Offers You One FREE Return Each

As A Representative, Avon Offers You One FREE Return Each Month

Did You Know That Avon Offers You, As An Avon Representative, One FREE Return Each Month?

This is an amazing benefit that Avon offers their Representatives.

Avon has a satisfaction guaranteed return policy. This means that Avon stands behind every product for 90 days.

As an Avon Representative, you have 120 days to return any products to Avon for a full refund using the online returns system.

As an Avon Representative, we all have 3 kinds of customers:

  • Most customers do not ask you to return products even when they are not fully satisfied with the product.
  • Some customers will return a product once in a while.
  • A few customers will return something nearly every time they order. Luckily, most of the time, these are customers who generally order a lot, so it’s worth your time to accept their returns and take good care of them.

I embrace returns with a smile and no hesitation. I am an Avon Representative, and it is Avon’s policy to allow returns.

Also, my customers will be more likely to order clothing or shoes knowing that if they don’t fit, I will replace them hassle free. Even then, I rarely receive returns for clothing and shoes.

It’s very quick and easy for you to process returns.

If I need to replace an item for a customer, I will process the return right away. That gives me the immediate credit, or sets it up so the replacement is already going to come in my next order.

Since Avon allows one free return per month, I wait until the end of the month and box up the product, add the shipping label, and return it to Avon.

Keep in mind that once you’ve submitted the returns & credits, you have to have them shipped back to Avon within 45 days. This is very important, so don’t hold them longer than the current month.

Avon will pay the shipping costs for one return each month! They will credit the amount of the shipping cost back to your Avon account.

This makes it super easy to take care of your business and keep your customers happy!

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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