The Power Of Asking Questions To Boost Your Facebook Engagement

The Power Of Asking Questions To Boost Your Facebook Engagement

The Power Of Asking Questions To Boost Your Facebook Engagement

Are you looking for fresh ideas to quickly create engagement on your Facebook page? You’d be surprised at how powerful questions can be to boost your Facebook engagement.

Stephen Covey said, “First seek to understand, then to be understood.”

If you first seek to understand the person you’re interacting with before you try to be understood yourself, you’ll have so much more success in your life.

Most people want to be heard. They want to be validated. They want to feel important. That’s all any of us wants, right?

By asking questions in your timeline, it gets people engaged. It helps them feel important.

Have you noticed that lately there has been a lot of questions on Facebook? And people are responding!

Why? Because of the reasons we mentioned above. They want to be heard and validated, and to feel important.

Questions to Ask for More Facebook Engagement

There are all kinds of questions you can ask.

Here are some examples:

Why is Facebook so addicting??… Leave a COMMENT and tell us what you think!

How often are you on your phone?

What do you like most about our products?

What’s the best thing you’ve seen on the web today?

What’s the first website you check when you go on the Internet?

I’m just curious… Do you get text messages from any businesses?

What technology could you absolutely not live without?

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

Did you achieve all of your New Years Resolutions in 2017?

Dang, it’s cold. What’s your favorite moisturizer?

People will Start Answering your Questions

It’s important that you like their posts and respond to their comments. Tha’s because this will help them to feel validated and loved.

When people start commenting, other people start to see it in their feed, and the engagement grows pretty quickly.

People aren’t coming to Facebook to buy things.

They’re coming to read things, have fun, post, and engage.

When you start a question with the words, “I’m just curious,” those are magic words. When you use those words, people can’t help but answer your question.

By interacting with people on these questions, you’re building relationships with your Facebook friends. And you’re helping them to feel validated.

It’s important that you get to know your followers, engage, and interact with them.

No matter what business you’re in, people just want to be heard and understood.

So you’re interacting with people. You’re getting to know them, learning what they’re about and what their desires are.

How Does this Facebook Engagement Help You in Your Marketing?

It builds a better, stronger relationship. Engagement creates a more intimate relationship between you and your audience.

It also offers valuable insight into what matters most to your Facebook friends.

This is about interaction, not prospecting.

But sometimes, the comments will lead to a more meaningful conversation that you can take off your wall and into Facebook Messenger.

Continue to build that relationship, and you never know where it will go.

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The Power Of Asking Questions To Boost Your Facebook Engagement

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