Attract, Engage & Follow-up to Build Your Avon Business On Social Media

Attract, Engage & Follow-up to Build Avon Business On Social Media

Attract, Engage & Follow-up to Build Your Avon Business On Social Media

Let’s look at ways to attract people to us on social media, and how to engage with the audience you are attracting.

And ways to use social media to create connections and new leads.

Growing your Avon business is pretty simple.

There are only 4 main steps:

  1. Prospecting for new customers & recruits.
  2. Getting a brochure (either paper or digital) to every customer every campaign.
  3. Following up with every customer you gave a brochure to every campaign before you place your order.
  4. Take the order, submit it to Avon and deliver to your customer, or send them to your Avon Online Store to place their order

And then Rinse and Repeat.

It’s really that simple. You just do these 4 steps over and over again, and you will have a strong Avon business.

We have our Daily 8 System to help you work on the activities that will help you grow your business.

The Daily 8 system is a proven formula

When followed consistently, the Daily 8 Plan will help you maintain the consistency required to build a thriving team and an exponentially expanding residual income.

Instead of working 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, your goal is to capture 8 POINTS a day, 5 days a week for a total of 40 POINTS per week.

Print this sheet and use it to track your weekly points.

Follow this plan consistently for 90-days and teach your team to do the same. At the end of 90 days, REPEAT and then REPEAT again. This is your Daily Method of operation.

The real secret to your Avon Business success is that there is NO SECRET!

It simply takes a simple plan and the dedication and commitment to WORK THE PLAN consistently! That’s it!

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Everyone is welcome! Whether you’re on our Avon team or not, we welcome you & invite you to join in. 🙂

Today We’ll Talk About How to Attract, Engage & Follow Up on Social Media

Can you imagine if you overcame your fears, and started building your Avon business on social media?

And then all of a sudden, you’re having conversations with people you’ve never had before.

You’re getting comments from people that you haven’t seen in a long time.

You’re getting people viewing your content that you don’t recognize the names!

That’s the goal.  That’s why you’re working to build your Avon business on social media.

Ways to Attract Your Ideal Customer or Recruit to You on Social Media

When planning your posts, you want to use a variety of types of content to attract people to your brand.

BTW, your brand is YOU, not Avon.

You are the person who is developing relationships with the people you meet.

Include These 4 E’s When Posting On Social Media

  • Empowerment
  • Engagement
  • Education
  • Entertainment

These are the 4 main categories you want to create your content around.

You want to focus on these 4 E’s as you show up on social media.

Use your Avon Facebook Page to promote products.  Your Avon Business page is where you promote your Avon business.

Today we’re going to talk about how to use your Personal Facebook Wall to build relationships.  This is outside of your Avon Business Facebook Page.

You want to show up daily on your Personal Facebook wall to lead with value and connection – not to sell products.

Remember the 80/20 rule.

Attract Your Ideal Customer or Recruit

Post Stories and Reels

Stories are short pieces of media on Facebook & Instagram that show up at the top of your feed.

They don’t have to click on your newsfeed or happen to notice you on their feed.

It’s right there in front of them, at the top of their feed.

People are 15 times more likely to check out your stories over a Facebook post.

It’s a great place to attract new eyeballs when you use these consistently.

The magic in stories is they disappear within 24 hours.  So they don’t stick around.

Reels are especially important because while Facebook shows your stories to your Facebook Friends, Reels are shown to way more people than your friends list.

Reels are where you have the ability to reach even more people.

Focus on relationship building.  Starting conversations with people.

Pay attention to the people who watch and interact with your Stores and Reels.

Start Building Relationships and Letting People See Into Your Life

Think about the last people’s stories that you’ve watched.

If you haven’t ever watched stories, go to your feed, and watch the first 5.

Make a mental note of what you notice.  What are they posting about?

You’re going to notice quotes, and people sharing tips and advice.

You’ll see more in-depth, behind-the-scenes insight into their life.

They’re going to take you on a trip in their day.

They may be asking you questions, with little polls.

Is it something you can replicate and do better?

The key to stories is just to consistently show up.

If you can apply the 4 E’s to your stories as much as possible, you’re golden!

Ok, So For Example…

Today is Monday, so you post a motivational image on your stories.

The rest of the day, you’re connecting with people. You’re sharing with people what’s happening in your day. You’re giving insight into what’s going on in your life.  And in the midst of that, slipping in your products, your business opportunity, and engagement.

And then you post a picture of you drinking your morning coffee.  Maybe you can say something like, “Good Morning.  How do you drink your coffee?” or “Do you prefer hot coffee or cold coffee?” This is an engagement post.

Now it’s afternoon, and you’re at a store and you found a really cool sale on something you love at target (leggings, for example).

Maybe you want to share about it.

Take a picture of yourself with them, and say something like, “Hey, Look at what I found at Target.  Which color do you like best?” Again, this is an engagement post.

It doesn’t sound that exciting, but people eat it up.  They will engage with you if you’re being real.

Maybe sometime during the day (when it fits in with what you’re doing), you can post an image of you using your favorite product and talk about how it helps you.

This is NOT a sales pitch.  Do not share a link or prices, or even ask them to buy (reserve links for your business page).

It’s just you being real, and as long as you have your bio set up properly, they’ll know how to buy it if they want.

Now it’s evening.  Maybe you’re cooking dinner.  Now you can make a post about what you’re cooking tonight.  Maybe it’s something healthy.  Or maybe it’s just fitting in food because the kids have you all frazzled and you didn’t have time to prep.

This Kind of Content is Real

It’s relatable, and people start to get to know you.

This is just an example of a typical day, where you can post all of these in your stories.

And those stories will help you build relationships.

It’s up to you how often you choose to show up.  The more the better, so at least show up daily.

The Key is to Just be You!

People will start watching you.  They will see you adding your collagen into your coffee.  They’ll see you with your kids.  They will start to get to know you.

Over time, they will start looking for more information and will check out your bio.

It takes about 15-20 exposures before someone will start to reach out to you.

You just need a healthy mix of content using the 4 E’s, and just slipping in some of your Avon products occasionally.

Go LIVE and Post Value Content on Social Media

Post value, empowering, and educational content on your feed.

This is how you attract the right audience.

Do it at least once a week if you can.

This is similar to stories, but it shows up on your feed instead of in the stories section.

LIVE Video is the best way to catch people’s attention.

Video is the Best Way to Grow

You can use some of the ideas we talked about above, i.e. What you’re cooking for dinner.  What your morning routine looks like. What your morning skin care routine looks like, etc.

Maybe something like 3 things I learned since I started my Avon business.

Or maybe something like, 3 Things I was scared about before starting my Avon business, and what I learned from them.

Since these are on your Personal Facebook wall, remember, you’re not looking for a hard sell.  You’re not posting links, etc.  You can always say something in your LIVE to “Check my bio if you want to learn more.

Create content that will answer your ideal customer or recruit’s questions.

You can play games on live video. Get creative and let your personality shine through.

Make Posts on Your Personal Facebook Wall

Focus on the 4E’s and create a variety of posts.

Ask easy open-ended questions to engage with new people on your feed.

Use a colored background and ask a question.

For example… “Looking for a new TV series, what’s your favorite?

Or “What temperature do you keep your air conditioning on?

People love to answer easy questions, and it will create a lot of engagement on your post.

Be sure to post something daily on your personal Facebook wall.

There’s no pressure behind it, you’re not selling anything, and people will comment on easy questions.

Engage With Your Audience on Social Media

When you post consistently, you will start to see comments, reactions, and story watchers.

Make sure to engage with your audience.

Reply to all comments on your posts and thank people for watching your stories and live streams.

Make it a goal to make 1 comment into 3 comments, if possible, to boost your algorithm so it will show up for more people on your friends list.

Do this with all your posts.

Don’t forget to just be a human and reply to people like a human.

Follow Up With Your Audience on Social Media

The fortune is in the follow up. And that is true when done consistently.

This is super easy.

Once you have attracted your audience and engaged with that person a couple of times, it’s time to follow up on messenger or PM.

Always thank them for watching, commenting, and participating.

When it feels right, send them a private message.

This is super easy with people you know. Or maybe you’ve noticed someone liking and commenting on a lot of your posts, even if you don’t know them.

Make it a goal to message three people a day.

Thank you so much for commenting on my post.  How are the kids doing?  How is …?

If you don’t know them, just say something like, “Thank you so much for commenting on my post”, and then ask a question to start to get to know each other.

Build the relationship in messenger or private message.

You’ll be surprised at how many people you will find yourself talking with over time.

When it feels right in the conversation (in messenger, not live on your feed), you can ask if they are open to taking the next step – whatever fits with the conversation you’ve been having.

I probably wouldn’t bring this up until I’ve connected with them three or more times already. It really just depends on what conversation(s) you’ve already had with them.

If you have been consistently sharing about your business/products, you might find it comfortable to ask if they are open to taking a look at your products or business opportunity.

If you are being real, and connecting with your audience, you will start to build your Avon business on social media.

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Attract, Engage & Follow-up to Build Your Avon Business On Social Media

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