Automated Text Drip Training For Your New Avon Representatives

Automated Text Drip Training For Your New Avon Representatives

Automated Text Drip Training For Your New Avon Representatives

We’ve looked at lots of different ways to create systems and training to help you grow your Avon business.

We have a semi-automated customer follow-up system to make sure every customer receives an Avon brochure every campaign, and then receive important order reminder follow-ups from you.

We recently introduced an automated prospect follow-up system to help you stay on top of your prospecting follow-ups.

For Leadership Reps, we have a system to help your new Avon Representative get started.

And now I want to offer you a Text Drip Training to make sure all your new Avon Representatives have the help and support they need. This is in addition to the system above to help your new Avon Representative get started.

Important Note: If you are on my Avon Rockstars team, I have already implemented this Text Drip Training for our entire team. There is no need for you to do this with your team members as they are already receiving them from me.

Imagine, that in addition to the things you are doing to “Onboard” your new Representatives, wouldn’t it be great to text them every day or every couple of days as they get started with just a little bit of training to help them get started?

Many times, we ask them to go through the Getting Started, or Avon U – and of course we still want them to do that – but this can be just a little extra that just might be just that one piece of information that could benefit them that day.

Sometimes it’s easier to learn in small, bite-sized pieces.

My Text Drip Training

I have created a Text Drip Training for my new Avon Representatives and I want to share it with you to use with your team.

You will need to use Project Broadcast for this system.

Project Broadcast has the ability to send a text out as an order reminder to a large group of people. And it also has the ability to create a drip campaign. That is what we will be using in our system.

If you don’t already have a Project Broadcast, you can get yours here.

By using my link, you will receive 500 free credits on top of the subscription you purchase.  Any unused credits will rollover each month.

Very important… Project Broadcast has a Referral Program.

If I directly sponsored you into Avon, go ahead and use my link above. But, if someone else sponsored you, please check with them to see if they have a link. If not, you can go ahead and use my link.

In order for you to use this, you will need to use the exact tool I am teaching, because through this tool I can share my system with you.

Please do not ask me to print off my texts and send them to you, or email them to you. I just do not have the time to do that.

How to Setup the Project Broadcast Text Drip System

Once you get your Project Broadcast system setup, you will need to import my campaign.

Project broadcast uses a system called Bundles.

To access this, go to the more tab (the three lines) at the bottom of the left side bar.

And then click on Bundles.

Once you are in the Bundles section, click on the Import Button (the little cloud at the top of the page)

Project Broadcast

My share ID for you to use to import this bundle is – z7kbKdCkfbq

Now my NewReps campaign will be imported into your account, along with the 20 text messages.

Click on the Campaigns Icon (The Megaphone icon in the above image) to get to the Campaign.

You will only need to edit the first text, to introduce yourself and add your contact information. I used a shuffle card to create a Welcome to our Team message. You could also create a shuffle card, or just create a YouTube video and link to it in your first text message.  Be sure to include a picture so they can get to know you.

If you are using the Shuffle Card, you will not be able to create a card for each person like you have in the past. Instead, you will share your Untrackable link.

Shufle Card - How to find Untrackable Link

The rest of the texts should be good as they are. Each text links to a different training article on You can use them “as is” or edit them to whatever you want.

The one thing you’ll want to look at is any texts about current incentives.  Make sure that the incentive is current and adjust as needed.

I suggest you read through each text to make sure the information is what you want to send to your new Representatives.

When this is done, and you’ve proofed again and again, your text series will be ready to go.

Project Broadcast has a great YouTube Channel with lots of easy training. I strongly suggest you go through it to help you understand how their system works.

Setup Your Keywords and Tags

Project Broadcast uses a couple of things called tags and keywords. This is where you really going to go through the Project Broadcast YouTube Training. To keep it simple, I use the same names across the board.

Tags –

These are tags you apply to a customer and are used to search. A customer can have as many tags as you want.

For instance, my customers all have the tag Avon. When I’m sending out my order reminder text, I send it to everyone tagged Avon.

My Text Training Campaign is called NewReps. So I tag these people with the NewReps tag.

Keywords –

Keywords are used to assign that contact to a campaign. So, my campaign is called NewReps, and so I apply the NewReps Keyword to my prospect.

A keyword is also something where a customer could text your keyword to your list and they would automatically start to receive the texts in that campaign.

Typically as soon as a keyword is applied to a contact, they will receive a reply message, so it’s important that you do not apply keywords at odd hours when you don’t want to actually text them. But I did not setup this Drip Campaign that way. Instead, I have NO reply message. Message #1 goes out the next day at 10am so you can add people whenever you want, and there won’t be a problem with them receiving the messages in the middle of the night.

Create a keyword called NewReps

We’re just using this name to be consistent with my Text Drip Training Campaign. I suggest you keep it that way. (The system changes everything to lowercase. I just use Capital letters to help you see, and it really doesn’t matter, because the system will recognize it either way).

Click on Keywords – the little key icon on the left side of your screen.

Click on the + symbol (Add Keyword) and give it the name NewReps.

Once your keyword is setup, click on the keyword on the left side of the screen.

On the right side of the screen, click on Add Campaigns to Join, and choose NewReps. Now when you apply this keyword to a contact, they will be in this campaign and the texts will start going out the next day.

So now your keyword is setup.

Test Your Campaign

Now you’re ready to add your contacts, but I strongly suggest you test your campaign before adding anyone.

To test your campaign, click on Campaigns on the left menu bar. Click on the name of your campaign.

And then on the far right side, click on the 3 dots, and click on Fast Forward. It will ask you who you want to send it to, and this will send you a text every minute so you will get all of the texts.

This is your last opportunity to make sure you’re happy with everything before adding contacts. Be sure to read each text and check each link to make sure everything is good.

Now you can add Contacts

There are several ways to add Contacts.

You can import your contacts, or you can add them manually. I’m not going to teach you this. I suggest you watch the training video.

For the most part, with New Representatives, I enter them as I get them, so they are done manually, one at a time.

If you decide you need to import your contacts, you will be asked what tags you want to apply. Be sure to apply the NewReps tag.

Once you have your contacts in the system, you’ll need to apply the keyword to attach them to the campaign.

From the Keyword Screen (the key on the left menu bar), you can click on your keyword, and then on the far right side, click on the 3 dots, and click on Apply Keyword.

When the screen comes up asking for which contacts, click on the tag symbol on the far right and search for your tag, i.e. NewReps and apply the keyword to everyone with that tag.

To apply the keyword to an individual contact, click on Contacts, choose your contact. Click on the 3 dots on the far left side, and click on Apply Keyword.

Once you apply that Keyword, your Text #1 will go out the next day, and your new Representatives will receive the 13 text messages over the next couple of weeks.

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Automated Text Drip Training For Your New Avon Representatives

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