Avon 2022 Summer Blast Incentive For New Reps

Avon 2022 Summer Blast Incentive For New Reps

Avon 2022 Summer Blast Incentive For New Reps

New Representatives, here is an Avon incentive just for you to help get your Avon business off to a great start!

As a new Representative, you earn 25% on beauty/jewelry and 20% on fashion/home.

Once you’ve sold $5,000 within a year, you will promote to Premier Level and your commission percentage will to 30% on beauty/jewelry.  And they will continue to increase as you rise up the sales ranks.

But how would you like to earn that extra 5% now as you are just getting started?

Watch this video to learn how:


Enter Avon’s 2022 Summer Blast Incentive for New Reps!

This incentive runs from Campaign 14, 2022 thru Campaign 21, 2022.

If you started on or after 06/08/22, this incentive applies to you. And it is good for your first eight campaigns (4 months) with Avon.

This incentive allows you to receive an extra 5% bonus which puts you are 30% earnings.

Every time your total sales in one campaign add up to $100+, you will receive a 5% bonus on your beauty/jewelry sales.

Remember, it starts with $100, but the more you sell, the more you earn!

This will be paid to you at the end of the campaign thru Avon Wallet.

This will help you earn more as you’re on your way to the Premier Sales Level.

  • Bonus paid on Beauty, Jewelry & Watch sales only. Fashion & Home Items are excluded.
  • All orders count towards Award Sales, including Direct Delivery & Sales Centers.
  • In their first 8 campaigns, starting at the date of sign-up.
  • This will replace the Pathway to Premier program for all Reps who sign up C14-21, 2022.

Your Goal is to Get To The Premier Sales Level As Quickly As Possible

Once you achieve the Premier Sales level, that locks you into earning the 30% on beauty/jewelry for the rest of the year.

So let’s take a look at what it will take to reach Premier Level within your first eight campaigns.

Let’s break it down.

If you sold $625 in each of your first eight campaigns, you will reach the goal of $5,000 which is Premier Level.

You have now guaranteed that 30% earnings for the rest of the year.

And you are well on your way to the next level which is President’s Club. At each level, your commission percentages continue to grow.

But There’s More

You will start earning free product collections when you hit $500 in sales during the incentive period.

These product collections are a great value!

Watch the video above to see what the bundles and sales goals are, and get some great ideas about how to increase your sales.

Download the Flyer Here!

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Avon 2022 Summer Blast Incentive For New Reps

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Lynn Huber

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