Avon Breast Cancer Awareness Tables Can Help You Expand Your Bus

Avon Breast Cancer Awareness Tables Can Help You Expand Your Business

Avon Breast Cancer Awareness Tables Can Help You Expand Your Business

Avon Breast Cancer Tables Did you know that the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade has raised and awarded over $640 Million in 50 countries worldwide for awareness and education; screening and diagnosis; access to treatment; support services; and scientific research?

You too can help with this wonderful cause. Avon Representatives are partnering with businesses all over the world to setup tables in front of their establishments to increase awareness and collect donations.

Many businesses will gladly partner with you and let you setup a table outside their store/restaurant/hair or nail salon, etc. for this wonderful cause, especially when you show them how much Avon has already raised.

I’ve even seen certain restaurants let you set up a table outside their front door; let you pass out discount coupons for their food; and even donate a percentage of the food sales they create while you are there.

Dress your table up with pink tablecloths, balloons, etc. One cute thing I’ve seen is a Division Manager in my area purchased the largest pink bra she could find. She hung it like a hammock from a stand and put it on her table, asking people to make their donations there. After your event, you can forward the donations to the Avon Foundation.

Avon Breast Cancer Tables Check with the American Cancer Society and get brochures about Breast Cancer, How to do a self-exam, etc.

Talk with them. Ask the women if they get regular mammograms and if they know how to do a self-exam. Generally increase awareness about this horrible disease so that if they ever happen to have a need for the information they will be less apprehensive about getting help.

Provide a nice basket to raffle off. Have the Avon Drawing slips on the table so they can enter into a drawing to win the basket. These Drawing Slips are the same ones referenced in another post on this blog.

Be sure to have plenty of Avon brochures to give out as well.

As you spend your time increasing awareness about the disease and treatment options, your products and Avon sales opportunity can’t help but come up in the conversation!

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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