Using Your Avon Brochure To Build Your Business

Using Your Avon Brochure To Build Your Business

Using Your Avon Brochure To Build Your Business

Your Avon Brochure is the most important tool in your Avon business – it is your store.

If you do not have brochures to hand out, it’s a pretty good bet that you will NOT receive any orders from your customers. How are they going to shop if you don’t let them into your store?

Your Avon Brochure also helps you grow your customer base. It’s important that you have plenty to give out as you go about your day.

If, for some reason, you have not collected any customer orders in a given campaign, it’s still extremely important that you at least place an order for brochures.

If you don’t have brochures for the current campaign, you’ve effectively put yourself out of business. Now your store is closed.

Missing orders can put you in a perpetual loop of always working to catch up. It’s not a place of strength where you can grow your business.

If you are placing your order online at, you will be given the opportunity to order brochures before you submit your customers’ orders. You can also add them to the order form, or click on Order Brochures in the cart when you are checking out.

Every Customer Needs An Avon Brochure Every Campaign

Since your brochure is your store, it is critical that every customer receives one every campaign from you.

I have gotten to the point where I use a service called Campaign Mailer to mail brochures to my customers. Even if you only have a couple of brochures to mail, this service costs less than mailing them yourself.

All my current customers receive their brochures in the mail. This way I can ensure that everyone gets one and frees me up to use my brochures to grow my business.

Even my online customers receive brochures. When they receive that brochure in the mail, it triggers them to take a look, and then go to my website to place an order.

You Can Absolutely Take Advantage of The Avon Digital Brochure

When you are brand new with Avon, or if you don’t have brochures, using the Digital Brochure can get you into business immediately.

And you can take advantage of the Digital Brochure to use it to increase your earnings and save money on expenses.

Learn How to Share Your Avon Digital Brochure here.

I use the Digital Brochure for many of my online customers.

But I Still Order Lots of Brochures

I need brochures to give out every day as I go about my day, I take brochures to businesses to find new potential customers and Representatives, and I keep brochures on hand to give to my new Representatives to help them get started right away.

Brochures are always ordered 2 campaigns ahead of the campaign they are effective. This ensures you have them early enough to get them ready for the beginning of the campaign.

Be Sure To Place Your Contact Information On The Back Of Every Brochure.

I print labels for mine, but you can handwrite them, or buy a stamp. You’ll want to include your name, phone, email, and online store web address.

I also put a recruiting label on the front of every brochure. That’s because I want everyone to know that I can sign them up when they’re ready, rather than them going directly to Avon.

I also insert a recruiting flyer into every brochure. Flyers are a great way to share information about your business or the Avon Opportunity.

The flyer gets their attention and also lets them know that they can sign up with you. It’s a great way for you to share the opportunity to anyone who ends up seeing your brochure.

Your Avon Brochures Are A Little Like Tumbleweed

I have found my brochures all over the city.

Many times my customers will look at the brochure, write down what they want, and then pass it to a friend, or leave it in a laundry mat or other public place. Sometimes it totally shocks me to see how far they have roamed.

This is why you want all that information on the brochure – your contact information on the back, your recruiting label on the front, and the recruiting flyer inside. You never know who might see it and give you a call, or go and sign up as a Representative.

As Avon Representatives, We Are Very Lucky

Even though we recently had a price increase, Avon still only charges us $51.00 for 100 brochures!  That breaks out to 51 cents per brochure.

These are full-color brochures with hundreds of pages. They’re very professional and a wonderful tool to grow your business.

I doubt you’d find a better deal anywhere else!

Be sure to make the most out of this amazing tool!

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Using Your Avon Brochure To Build Your Business

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Lynn Huber

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