Avon Fundraising Is A Great Way to Build Your Avon Business

Avon Fundraising Is A Great Way to Build Your Avon Business

Avon Fundraising Is A Great Way to Build Your Avon Business

An Avon Fundraiser is a win/win for both you and your customer.

For decades, Avon has been helping organizations all over the world raise the funds they need for their organization.

By doing an Avon Fundraiser for your customer, you can help them raise the money they need, and in the process it will spread the word that you are the local Avon Representative. You will pick up more customers and potential recruits while helping those in need.

You will share most of your earnings with the group you are fundraising for. You are guaranteed 50% earnings from the Fundraiser Flyers. Most Representatives give the organization 40% and keep 10% for themselves. It is up to you to determine what numbers work for you and your organization.

The additional sales from a Fundraiser will help you get to President’s Club and beyond, enabling you to take advantage of all of those additional benefits.

Avon fundraisers are easy. It’s not as scary as you think.

As an Avon Representative, you started by selling to people you know. Selling Avon Fundraisers works the same way. Make a list of the organizations with which you are personally involved: your church, your children’s schools and sports teams, your husband’s lodge, etc.

You may already know who is in charge of fundraising. Contact that person by e-mail, phone or by mailing an Avon Fundraising flyer with a letter. Whichever method you choose, always mention that you and your family are members of the organization.

There are several flyers you can sell from. The organization can use one or a combination of the available flyers.

You can also do a full brochure, but I strongly suggest you use flyers if you’re not already experienced with Fundraisers. A full brochure Fundraiser can get complicated. Once you gain some experience with Fundraisers, then look at doing a full brochure.

To learn more, log into Click on Earnings Opportunities, and then on Fundraising. Everything you need is right there.

You’ll find sample letters to approach sports teams, business, etc., or you can even do a fundraiser for someone who has high medical bills due to an illness or disease and need help.

Isn’t it great that you’ll be able to help them raise the money they need, and in the process, you’ll get new customers and potential recruits!

Current flyers available for Fundraisers are:

The personal care flyer – Campaign 3 2017 through Campaign 26, 2017.

Avon Fundraising Personal Care Flyer C-03-26, 2017

The make-up skin care flyer – Campaign 7, 2017 through Campaign 26, 2017.

Avon Fundraising Makeup and Skincare C-07-17 thru C-01-18

The bug guard flyer – Campaign 8, 2017 through Campaign 26, 2017.

Avon Fundraising Bug Guard Flyer C-08-26, 2017

The Planet Spa flyer – Campaign 17 through Campaign 26, 2017.

Avon Fundraising Planet Spa Flyer C-08-16, 2017

The above images are provided for your information. Be sure to log into to get the full-size pdf flyer, along with instructions and tips.

Give it a try! It will probably make you have to get out of your comfort zone a little, but that’s a good thing. And you’ll be doing something to help others – that’s always good, right?

Need help?  Contact me and I’ll be happy to help you.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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