Avon Lead to Achieve Incentive Has Been Extended

Avon Lead to Achieve Incentive Has Been Extended – Hurry, Don’t Miss Out!!!

Avon Lead to Achieve Incentive Has Been Extended – Hurry, Don’t Miss Out!!!

Have you considered Avon Leadership? If not, now is the time to consider it!

Avon has this amazing promotion going on, but you must hurry! The Lead to Achieve Incentive has been extended to July 31, 2017.

So if you’ve ever thought about building an Avon Leadership Business, now is the time!

But first, let’s look at what an Avon Leadership Business is…

One of the benefits of being an Avon Representative is you have the ability to maximize your earnings through Avon’s Leadership Program.

To gain access to these additional earnings, you will invite others to Sell Avon with you, and you will build a team.

When they sign up to Sell Avon, they will be added to your team. Once you start your own team, you will have the opportunity to earn bonuses, Free Avon products, and more!

Once you have just one person on your team, you will receive bi-weekly commission checks of your team’s sales. These additional checks will be direct deposited into your bank account.

The great thing about Leadership is you don’t have to do it alone. Your sponsor will help you, and Avon provides coaches, and you have this website/Facebook group to help you too.

Leadership is one of the most satisfying opportunities Avon has to offer. Helping your team members achieve their goals and celebrating their success with them is a fulfilling experience. Combining these activities with the Leadership Compensation Program turns helping others into a very rewarding activity.

So let’s take a look at the Lead to Achieve Incentive…

This incentive partners you with additional Representatives that currently don’t have an upline leader. Avon calls this “nesting.”

There are tens of thousands of Representatives currently who don’t have an upline to support them. If you are committed to your business, Avon will take these Representatives and place a portion of them on your team.

If you are interested in this incentive, the first thing you have to do is fill out a form here.

Avon will take the total number of Representatives who don’t have an upline and divide them among the total number of “shares” that qualify, and will move them over to your team based on the number of shares you qualify for.

In order to qualify for a share, you need to invite others to Sell Avon with you. They need to place $150 order before the deadline of July 31, 2017.

As long as the $150 order comes in by July 31 regardless of when they enroll from Campaigns 14 (TS C16) through July 31, 2017, or which Campaign they place their order in, you will qualify for a Share.

These must be personal leads. Avon Alma leads do not qualify.

You must become a Bronze Ambassador by July 31, 2017. To be a Bronze Ambassador, you need 3 people on your team, your personal order needs to be $200, and the combined sales from the team needs to be $1,000.

For more details, log into, scroll down the page and click on Success Center 2017.

You can do this! Contact me if you need help. Or if you have questions, post below and either I or another Leadership Rep will come by and answer them.

But hurry! This opportunity will be gone in two weeks!

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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