Your Avon eRepresentative Website – Representative Delivery vs

Your Avon Online Store – Representative vs. Direct Delivery

Your Avon Online Store – Representative vs. Direct Delivery

Depending on how you have your Avon Online Store website set up, your customers can choose Representative or Direct Delivery.

It’s important you understand what these terms mean and how they will affect you.

Representative Delivery –

If your customer chooses Representative Delivery, their order will show up in your order cart. You will place it with your order, you will receive the products, and you will deliver the order to your customer and collect payment from them.

If someone comes to your website who doesn’t live near you, you will need to contact them and arrange shipment or tell them you can’t place their order.

Direct Delivery –

The customer shops just like any other shopping website. They place their order, they pay with a credit/debit card, and Avon ships directly to them and credits you for your earnings.

You don’t need to worry about where they live since Avon is shipping to them.

You can set up your website in whatever way it works best for you.

Every Avon Representative is different and each of us works our business differently.

I personally have my website setup for Direct Delivery only. The reason for this is I feel if they are on my website, just let Avon handle the shipment. They are already there and it’s easy as can be, as well as less confusing for your customer.

It’s totally ok if my customer wants me to order and deliver their orders to them. Some people just want that extra service. They just need to call, text, or email me with their order and I will take care of them.

This way, I let the website do what it was designed to do. I can still see what they ordered, and I can take care of my customer in everything other than the actual payment and delivery.

How to Setup Your Online Store Delivery Options

Log into Click on your Name at the top of the page, and then on My Profile.

Click on Your Name and Then My Profile

Scroll down to Customer Delivery Options, and click on Edit.

Scroll Down to Customer Delivery Options

Now you are in the section where you can choose your Customer Delivery Options. This sets the delivery option for your entire website. That means anyone who shops in your store will have the delivery options you set here.

Customer Delivery Options

Be sure to save your preferences.

Make Sure Your Customers Can Shop Your Store

It’s also very important to Enroll in the “Let Customers & Recruits Find Me Online.”  If you do not do this, they will not be able to shop your Avon Online Store.

Above the Customer Delivery Options, you’ll see a link that says Preferences, and you’ll see the place to enroll in the Let Customers & Recruits Find Me Online.

Click on Change, and set your preferences.  You can choose the language, and how far you are willing to deliver to customers.

Let Customers & Recruits Find Me Online

Be sure to save your preferences.

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Your Avon Online Store – Representative vs. Direct Delivery

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Lynn Huber

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