As An Avon Representative, Should I Stock Up On Extra Inventory?

As An Avon Representative, Should I Stock Up On Extra Inventory?

As An Avon Representative, Should I Stock Up On Extra Inventory?

Sometimes, as an Avon Representative, you are offered stock-up deals to stock up on extra inventory, especially on a new item that Avon is just launching.

As to whether you should buy in on the stock-up opportunity… that is a Business Decision that I recommend you give serious thought to before purchasing anything.

Typically, I recommend, especially if you are a new Representative, that you only purchase what your customers order. Let Avon be the warehouse, not your garage. 🙂

You can generally get orders in for your customers quickly enough that there is no reason to stock up on anything.

As An Avon Representative, Should I Stock Up On Extra Inventory? There are a couple of items that it might be a good idea to have a few items on hand such as Bug Guard or Skin So Soft Bath Oil… but only a few, and only if you can afford it.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that people seem to figure out 4 hours before their plane leaves to Tahiti that they need bug repellent. So keeping 2 or 3 of those on hand is not a bad idea.

But then sometimes Avon offers you a great deal on Stock Ups when they launch a new product – Such as here is a new skin cream – If you buy 6, you’ll get one free… or if you buy 25, you’ll get 5 free.

Sure That’s a Great Deal, But Here’s Where the Catch Is…

I used to have an Avon store and sold $5,000 – $10,000 every week. Of course, I would take that 25 stock-up deal. But even in my circumstances, and with the amount of product I was selling every week, it would sometimes take 3-4 months to sell those 25-30 jars of face cream.

As a regular representative, it’s not likely that you will sell them in a year.

Now, I’m not saying you can’t sell them quickly. But again, it’s a business decision.

Are you going to do what it will take to sell all of them quickly? Are you sure you will be able to move them? If so, then Yes it’s a good deal. If not, then it is not a good deal.

Avon is the warehouse. You are the Distributor. Everything works much better if you let the system work the way it’s supposed to – with Avon stocking the product and you moving it.

So now Avon is launching (whatever the newest innovation is)!

They’re giving you 50% earnings and free product for two campaigns only.

Is This a Good Deal, or Something You Would Want to Stock Up On Extra Inventory?

Maybe, or maybe not. Let’s look at some options to help you make that business decision.

Back when the Espira products were launched

Richard and I had already scheduled a trade show booth with a couple of other Representatives that we will be working with to promote Espira. We were going to be making the shakes and giving out samples to taste right there in our booth.

We had already done our research and we knew that the show typically had about 10,000 attendees. It’s a Health & Wellness Show, so it’s right up our alley.

We knew that not everyone was going to come to our booth, or that they would even be interested in our product, so we set a goal of giving out 2,500 1 oz. samples.

So right off the bat, we knew that we are going to need 14 Containers of the Protein Shake just to sample it. Each container makes 15 servings, 1 serving is 12 oz., and so each container will make 180 1 oz. samples.

Of course, purchasing those 14 containers was split among those of us working the booth.

So there were 3 Representatives working our show.

We each purchased 6 of the Metabolism Boost Systems. The deal was that we would get 50% Off, and receive 5 free products. We also purchased some Vitamin Packs to have to sell.

Our plan was that if someone was excited about the product, we would first offer them the opportunity to become an Avon Representative for only $25, and get their Espira at 50% Off (That was the current deal).

We would sign them up right there at the show if possible, and place their Espira order with them, working to get them to $150 by adding vitamin purchases.

If they are not interested in becoming an Avon Representative, then we would sell the product we had at the show until we ran out, and then we would take orders.

So we would find both New Representatives and New Customers at this show.

If we somehow don’t use the product up at this show, we already had several more shows scheduled throughout January and February.

So Here’s the Thing, and What You Really Need to Think About…

We did not purchase the stock up and then go looking for a show to move them.

We had a solid plan in place where we knew exactly what we needed and then decided how much product to purchase at this great stock-up deal.

Please do not go out and buy all kinds of products without knowing exactly what you will do with them.

Here are some other options to consider.

Maybe you’ll purchase the first stock-up tier because you can afford to do so.

You intend to do your best to move them, and you already have a plan as to how you will do so.

You also know that if you can’t move the products in a timely manner, at least you personally will use the product up within the next 6 months and you’re okay with that.

Or maybe it would be better for you to purchase just 2 of the new product(s) because you are personally going to use it, and then you’ll have one to use and one to sell or to Demo.

Or maybe you’ll just purchase 1 of the newest product because you are personally going to use it.

The key is to make a plan as to how much product you can afford to buy, how you are going to move it, and what you’ll do if you can’t move it. That’s how you make a good business decision.

Bottom Line As To Whether You Want to Stock Up On Extra Inventory…

Typically as an Avon Representative, buy only what your customers order, especially if you’re a new Representative just getting your business going.

Then you can decide if you want to stock up once you know what types of products your customers use and if you can afford to do so.

As an Avon Beauty Boss, it is your business and you get to decide how to run it.

But you definitely don’t want boxes and boxes of products lying around your house forever.

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As An Avon Representative, Should I Stock Up On Extra Inventory?

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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  1. You hit the nail right on the head. For years we’ve been “encouraged” to take stock ups. Sometimes we did and sold it all, other times not so much. But making a good “business” decision is the key. Nobody wants to be sitting on 10 fragrances that Avon has discontinued!

  2. Thank you so much for this great advice! It’s difficult for new, or relatively new, representatives to know how to plan. On one hand, you see other representatives talk about how excited they are about this new opportunity; and how they plan to purchase the largest package to get the jump start on PC for 2018. Then you see others who are not purchasing anything more than they, personally, can use. Your article actually helps explain how to evaluate your needs, consider the risk, and come to the best answer for our own business. Thanks again!

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