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Working With Avon Representatives Who Have Flexible Ordering Schedules

Working With Avon Representatives Who Have Flexible Ordering SchAs we’re working to build our business, it can be a struggle to stay on top of everyone’s order schedule.

After all, there are 10 different Representative Processing Schedules (RPS), plus Trendsetter and Flex, and many Leadership Representatives have team members in every one of them.

This is what I do and you may find it helpful as well.

When a Representative is signed up in an area that’s included in the Flexible Ordering Schedule test areas, the computer shows them as RPS-06 in your VIBE (Back Office). I’m not sure why, but assume because it’s in the middle of the campaign.

So that’s the schedule (RPS-06) I use and train my Representatives on.


If you’re not familiar with the Flexible Ordering Schedule, it is a test that Avon is doing within certain regions of the United States. It is only for the Representatives who live in those areas.

Many new Representatives think that two-week schedule is their beginning and ending date for each campaign, but that’s not exactly true either.

If you are (or have) a Representative in a Flex Area, instead of Avon telling you what Day to place your order, you get to pick what day you want to place your order within the two week campaign schedule.

When Avon says you have until that date, it doesn't mean you should place your order on that date. If you wait until the deadline, you are going to have all kinds of shorts and backorders because you'll be the last one to order for that campaign out of hundreds of thousands of Avon Representatives.


Since our VIBE System shows Flex Representatives as RPS 06, I go with that and teach it to my new Representatives.

I suggest they stick with the 06 Schedule, at least for a little while until they are comfortable with it. This allows me to work with them to make sure they qualify for things such as getting their Starter Kit Rebate, or Their KickStart Bonuses.

Then, when they are comfortable with the Avon order process, they have the option to change their schedule to whichever day of the week they want.

This keeps everyone’s business moving and on track like a well-oiled machine.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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