Awesome Party Theme Ideas For Your Avon Business

Awesome Party Theme Ideas For Your Avon Business

Awesome Party Theme Ideas For Your Avon Business

One thing that seems to ring true across the board when it comes to home parties is that if you add in a party theme, it improves the success rate of the party.

Why? Because themed parties are different.

They are fun and out of the ordinary.

Just think about it. The average woman is probably invited to several home parties each year.

Some people might be invited to one every month.

Even more during the popular party seasons (such as holidays, changes of the season, and back to school season).

And of those invitations, they probably attend quite a few.

So, what can you offer that makes your parties stand out?

You guessed it – a theme.

If you are drawing a blank about what types of theme parties you can offer, check out the list below.

Maybe you will find an idea that you love or at least be inspired to come up with your own.

1 – Kids in Charge

If you have some brave parents, invite them to bring their children and let them do the shopping for family members.

You could even have a craft where they make their own greeting cards to go with the gifts.

2 – Mother-Daughter Night

Have your guests bring their mothers with them to the party for a bit of fun and bonding.

Or you can do it the other way and have them bring their daughters.

3 – Mystery Hostess

This is a party that you can throw where one lucky attendee will earn all of the hostess rewards.

A great option for when you don’t have any parties booked.

4 – Customer Appreciation Party

Invite all of your past and current customers to a party where you will feature special promotions, games, and gifts.

5 – Hostess Appreciation party

This is similar to the customer appreciation party, with the exception that it is open only to past hostesses.

Great to do at the end of the year.

6 – Product Release

Host a party whenever Avon launches cool new products or based around what’s on the cover of the current Avon catalog.

7 – Bridal Shower

Do you know of any blushing brides?

Have a party that features great products for the bride (and her guests).

This is a great opportunity for guests to get the bride what she wants (and grabbing some things for themselves as well).

8 – Charity Party

Have your hostess choose a charity that is close to her heart and have a party where a certain percentage of the party sales will be donated to that charity.

9 – Open House Cash and Carry

If you need to clear out your inventory at the end of the year or because the product line is about to change, invite people to your house for a chance to shop at a discounted price.

10 – Spa Day

Have a pampering session! This is great for a girl’s night-out event.

11 – Lunch Hour Party

Have a party during your hostess’s lunch break.

This is really great for small businesses as the whole office can get involved.

12 – Sports Widow Party

While the guys are gathered around the TV watching the big game, your hostess can have her friends in a different room having a party.

13 – Costume Party

Pick a costume theme and everyone comes dressed up.

Some popular themes are various decades, movie characters, or even famous couples.

Get creative!

14 – Let’s Get Physical

Get everyone together for a workout followed by a healthy snack and feature our in:tune wellness products!

What is your favorite party theme?

Not sure how to throw an Avon party?  Click here for a post that will help you.

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Awesome Party Theme Ideas For Your Avon Business

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