Become A Product Of Your Avon Products

Become A Product Of Your Avon Products

Become A Product Of Your Avon Products

There are many factors that go into having a successful Avon Business.  But one very important factor is you need to become a product of your Avon Products!

It’s important that you have personal experience with the products you are selling.

One of the main factors is that you have personal experience with the products.

It is very common, when you are promoting your products, for people to ask you questions like:

  • “What is your favorite product?”
  • “Which products have you had success with?”
  • “How have the products helped you?”

When people consider purchasing your Avon products, there is really only 3 things that are important to their decision:

  • Does it work?
  • Can I use it?
  • Will it work for me?

So, they’re asking questions to help themselves answer those questions to determine why they should buy the product themselves.

If you respond by saying something like “I haven’t had the chance to try the products yet” or “I’ve only used them a couple of times so far”, then chances are you will lose their interest.

After all, if you don’t like the products enough to use them regularly or invest in more than one, why should they bother with spending their money on them?

People want to know more than just what the products are designed to do – they want to know that they actually deliver results!

This is why personal testimonials are so effective in direct sales.

Avon has so many different types of products now!  That is really exciting and a huge benefit to us and our business.

It doesn’t matter what type of product or service you offer; you can craft a great personal testimonial.

Tips for Your Personal Avon Products Testimonial

Here are some tips that I recommend for showcasing your personal testimonial for the products or services that you provide.

Tip #1: Be genuine.

Talk in your normal manner rather than trying to sound like a salesperson.

Don’t use a lot of lingo.  I like to talk from the perspective of being a customer, not a representative.

People need to know that you ARE a consumer of the product and not just someone who sells it.

Let them see that you are just like them. You had a need that needed to be met, and that this product did that.

Tip #2: Talk about your problems or needs

As I mentioned above, people want to know that you are like them.

They want to know that you had a problem that they have or that you had a need that needed to be met – just like them.

Start your testimonial by sharing that information with them.

Make them relate to you and your story.

Tip #3: Talk about the product’s benefits

After you have talked about your problem or need, talk about how you came across the product you used and why you felt that it may be what you needed.

Highlight the benefits of the product so that they can see why it fits what you were looking for.

Tip #4: Talk about your results

Now is the time for you to talk about how the product or service helped you.

Talk about how things changed for you once you used it.

You can accompany this with pictures or a video.

Tip #5: Talk about any personal objections or hesitations that you had.

Although it may seem counterproductive, talking about your own hesitations can actually help your prospects to overcome theirs.

If you were hesitant about the price but then ended up loving the product, then other people who are worried about how much it costs may feel more comfortable spending their money.

If you didn’t think the product would work, but then it turns out that it worked so well that you joined the company and became an Avon Representative yourself, that may be just what someone needs to hear to make the leap to becoming a customer.

Again, you need to make people feel like they can relate to you.

Share Other People’s Avon Products Testimonials

Obviously, you can’t use every product that Avon has to offer.

You can only apply so much skin care to your face, and some products might not even be relevant to you.

But you can share other people’s Avon Products Testimonials.

This is why I share my daily Facebook Lives to our Team Facebook Groups.

It helps other Representatives learn about the products and how they work.

Keep a file of other people’s product testimonials so that you can use them in your business.

So now, instead of saying, “I haven’t had the chance to try the products yet,” you can say, “I haven’t personally tried that product yet, but my customer (my team member) loves it!”

And then follow the tips above for how to share the testimonial.

If you use these five tips, you can create a testimonial that gets people’s attention in a positive way.

Whether it’s your personal testimonial, or from someone else, it’s the story about the problem and how the product worked to solve the problem, that will help you gain the sale!

Share your personal testimonial for at least one of your products in the comments below.

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Become A Product Of Your Avon Products

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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  1. Thank you Lynn for reminding Avon representatives to use the products so they can share their experiences! My entire home screams Avon.

    I have so many favorites, but my NEWEST favorite is the Aqua Bomb Mist. There are times throughout the day, that I just give myself a boost with a quick spray. It is perfect. It does not smudge makeup but my skin is refreshed. I take it with me on all of my deliveries!

    I appreciate you and all that you do to help representatives like me. Have a wonderful day!

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