Being Consistent Will Bring You More Followers On Facebook

Being Consistent Will Bring You More Followers On Facebook

Being Consistent Will Bring You More Followers On Facebook

Consistency is a critical part of your social media strategy if you want to build an audience of loyal followers.

How many times a day you post is your choice but I strongly suggest you post at least every single day.

Some experts say that you want to post when your audience is most likely to be online, but in my mind, rather than focusing on when your target audience is online, set a schedule that’s consistent every day.

I’ve found that Facebook doesn’t always show your posts as soon as you publish them. Sometimes it might be minutes, or hours, or even days later, before your post is shown to someone.

I’m sure you’ve seen that Facebook Business Page that just seems to gather dust because the owner got overwhelmed or too busy managing other parts of their business to keep it active.

But when someone sees that your page isn’t active, they will question whether you’re really engaged. At that point it doesn’t matter how good, or how knowledgeable you are, you’ve probably lost that connection.

Planning Your Social Media Posts

Instead of staring blankly at your empty Business Page, take out a calendar instead – or create a color-coded Google Calendar – and mark down weekly themes or seasonal holidays so you have an idea every month what you’ll post about.

That’s why we provide you a monthly calendar. Use it as a guide to mix it up and create engagement with your posts.

As you’re planning out your month, think about what information your customers, future customers and future team members need during the week. What kinds of information will keep them loyal followers?

A mixture of educational, inspirational, and entertaining posts will mix it up for them but also don’t be afraid to tout your Avon business as well.

Don’t rely on subtle hints; tell your audience in your loud outdoor voice exactly what you have to offer.

Try to keep it to the 80/20 rule. 80% about engaging with your followers, and 20% actively promoting your business.

Remember, engaging posts can also promote your business if you do it carefully, such as pictures of you using the products without a link to the product, or questions about what’s in your makeup bag. 🙂

Stay Sane and Use Tools to Schedule Your Posts

Instead of sitting down every day to write your posts, become friends with tools of the trade.

Now you can block off some time and schedule a week’s worth of posts by simply choosing what day and time they should magically appear.

There’s still work involved with the writing and finding a photo to accompany your posts, but by dedicating a block of time each week and referencing your calendar for themed ideas, social media posting will become much more enjoyable.

Avon Social makes it easy to schedule out your posts ahead of time.

They also give you posts across all kinds of categories that you can use. You’ll find product posts, recruiting posts, quotes, engagement posts, etc.

If you haven’t already used Avon Social, you can access it from Log in and then click on Avon Social in the top left corner. It will walk you through connecting your social media profiles, and then you’re good to go. Be sure to go through the training, as you’ll find that very helpful.

Another tool I use, along with Avon Social is CinchShare.

CinchShare makes it easy to create and post to multiple Facebook parties in seconds! And it has now replaced all of the other tools I have been using.

With CinchShare you have the ability to pre-schedule all of your posts for your party AND you can Batch Post and reschedule your party posts to a new party in less than one minute and use them again and again!

They also have a feature that allows you to quickly find and replace the name of hostess, party links or any other words on the new party.

Because of CinchShare, I am going to cancel all my other social media posting tools. Before I found CinchShare, I needed 3 different tools to do everything I needed. Why pay for all of them when CinchShare does it all for only $100/year or $10/month!?!

And, I have a special deal for you… when you signup using my link, use code: CSFree to receive an additional 30 days added to your 14-day trial, for a total of 44 days free!

Note:  If you have an upline in Avon, please check with them to ask if they have a CinchShare link before using mine.  They can offer you the same deal.

And on that note, this is absolutely not required. Avon also provides a great tool in Avon Social to manage your Social Media posts. I use both. Avon Social gives me some great Avon specific posts, as well as quotes, etc. CinchShare helps me with scheduling Facebook Parties and finding great content online that I can share.

Tips when Using Tools To Schedule Posts

Both of the above tools will allow you to manage all your social profiles in one place as well as schedule all your posts.

To avoid being labeled a “spammer,” switch up the words in each post while keeping the same overall theme.

Think about how much more enjoyable your vacations will be when you can schedule social media posts before you

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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