Benefits of Social Selling

Benefits of Social Selling

Benefits of Social Selling

Let’s talk about social selling today.

The term is something people have been using as of late to describe making sales for direct sales through social media.

I am a HUGE promoter of working SMART and so this is why I wanted to talk today about the benefits of social selling and how to be smart about using them to grow your business.

Benefits of Social Selling:

  • You can reach more people. The ability to share posts, go “viral” or even “mini-viral” help you connect with more people.
  • Establish your expertise with people who haven’t met you yet.
  • Increase your visibility. The more times people see you or your offers the more likely they are to buy.

Now let’s talk about doing social SMART…

How to Keep Focused on Social:

  • Schedule your daily social marketing. Use this time for engagement and not posting.
  • Batch create your content and then batch schedule it to go out on your social media profiles.
  • Use a tool to post on social. I use Cinchshare for my groups, challenges and to schedule posts on pages, Instagram and more.
  • Use a social media calendar to help plan your posts.

Tips for Selling on Social Media

1 – Plan ahead.

Develop a social media plan that incorporates both marketing and selling.

What is your brand identity? How will you communicate this via social media? What story do you wish to tell?

Emphasize a variety of topics – a product, your service as a Representative, a theme, or a promotion, and work out how you will encourage customers to actively participate with you in this.

2 – Don’t make assumptions about what customers want.

Not everyone is going to appreciate the same things you do.

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer – what would it take for you to click through to your website and complete a purchase?

But then, when you talk about the things you love, the people who connect with you as a person will most likely love what you’re talking about.

3 – Know your target customer.

Look at what is trending on social media for people who are likely to patronize your business.

Research is always beneficial as you develop your marketing plan.

4 – Create great content.

You want to position yourself as an expert in your niche.

Create posts and links to blogs and other articles that are written for the needs you have identified for your target customer.

For example, content targeted to someone in their twenties who is raising small children will differ from a woman in her fifties who is concerned about lines and wrinkles.

5 – Don’t go after the “hard sell.”

Your job is not to manipulate someone into buying from you.

Being real and transparent is much more likely to help you attract and hold customers.

6 – Ensure your content addresses a need your prospective customer has and that you can fill or provide a solution to.

By demonstrating more than one way that you can help bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be, you show them why they should trust and purchase their Avon from you.

7 – Post regularly and make sure you also respond to comments on your posts.

Social media is a tool for communicating with consumers, not talking at them.

You should post at least once a day on Facebook, and twice a day on Twitter or Instagram.

It is through consistent posting that you get attention.

8 – Ask for feedback!

Ask your followers questions, run polls, mention, or retweet comments, and feature feedback on your page.

People like to feel that their opinion matters.

9 – Don’t assume that consumer conversion will take place on social media.

Social media platforms are a place to create connections, build a relationship and trust, and encourage consumers to visit and explore your business website.

Plan to have the conversation via Facebook Messenger, text, or even by phone once you’ve developed the conversation to that point.

10 – Encourage your followers to opt-in to email newsletters, text notifications, and other forms of digital marketing.

Project Broadcast works perfectly for that!

Here you can find a post on How to Use Project Broadcast to Grow Your Digital Brochure List.

11 – Create time-sensitive promotions that differ each time.

Analyze what works best and tweak where necessary.

Read this post to learn How To Use the Avon Promotion Tool to Grow Your Business.

12 – Thank and Follow Up With Customers when they make a purchase.

You could:

  • Send an electronic thank you message, or even better, send a card in the mail!
  • Recognize them in a Facebook post
  • Setup a special promotion for them on AvonNow
  • Reward them for their loyalty

13 – Encourage your followers to share your content

Consider offering incentives for when an existing customer brings in a new customer.

One Last Tip:

Show your followers why you are the best in your business!

Provide value by offering tips, tactics, insights, and behind-the-scenes snippets.

Include How To’s, why, and intriguing stories that relate in any way to your business.  These are valuable to consumers and will keep them following and sharing your profile.

Social Selling relies on connecting with your customers and potential customers and building a relationship with them.

Even if a consumer isn’t ready to buy from you now, they will remember you in the future if you have done your job well.

You can’t force a sale, but you can make yourself memorable for all the right reasons.

Social Selling Should Be Fun!

If you’re not having fun, I encourage you to find the fun in how you use the products, how you work with your company, how you run your business, and share those things!

People will FEEL your amazing energy when you have fun and they’ll be drawn in to learn more about what is making you happy 😉

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Benefits of Social Selling

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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