Build Your Prospect List To Build Your Avon Business

Build Your Prospect List To Build Your Avon Business

Build Your Prospect List To Build Your Avon Business

The first thing you’ll want to do when starting your Avon leadership business is to build a list of potential prospects for potential new team members and customers.  That’s where your Prospect List comes in.

Your Prospect List Should Always be Growing

Your prospect list is an active growing list. It’s something you will always be working with for as long as you are in business.

So let’s talk about how to make this list, where to find the names to add to it, and how to keep adding to that list over time.

First and most important, write your list on paper. Get it written down and out of your head.

Sometimes when people first get started in Avon Leadership, there are three common hurdles to overcome:

They think no one they know will be interested. Seriously, you can read minds now? You won’t know for sure until you ask.

They think they don’t know anybody. Come on… you do know people. The average person knows hundreds of people.

They are afraid to talk to anyone until they are successful. The only way to get experience and find that success is to start talking to people.

You’ve got to push through the fear!

The only way you’re going to find success in your Avon Leadership Business is to push through the fear, gain the experience, and learn to grow your business.

I understand fear. We all have fears. Those who are successful in their Avon business pushed through their fears. The fears don’t necessarily go away, but they become easier to deal with.

Every business needs customers. Your Avon Leadership business needs both customers and team members, who will also have customers.

What most of us fear is that dreaded word, NO. What does that mean really? It’s not rejection, or any indication that you’re doing something wrong, or that your product or company is bad.

It’s just that the product, opportunity, or timing isn’t right for them at this time. That’s all. Really, it’s nothing personal about you.

So Let’s Get Busy And Build That Prospect List

Here is a memory jogger to help you remember all those people that you know.

Get out a notebook. Writing it down in pen is much more powerful than typing.

Start with those who are closest to you… family, close friends, etc. These are the people that you are just going to tell what you are doing, and ask if they will join you, or try your products, or if they will be a referral partner.

Next, let’s think about your warm market.

These are people you know who may or may not be interested. These people may be business oriented (who does your hair or nails, who is your insurance salesman, etc.), networking contacts, Facebook friends, LinkedIn friends, Other Social media friends, the contacts in your phone, your holiday card list, etc.

Use the memory jogger to come up with as many names as you can.

Don’t prejudge anybody. Just put them on your list. You don’t have to contact them right away, but put them on your list and you can come back to them later.

Sort your list. At the top should be your closest friends and those you think will be more likely to be interested.

Start Working Through Your Prospect List.

Give them a call to find out if they are interested. This is not just a sales call though. Each call is likely to be different based on the person you are talking with.

Let them know you’ve just started your own business, and find out if they have any interest in the business or the products. This is not a hard sale – you don’t want to jeopardize your relationship.

I know you are excited. After all, you found this amazing opportunity that’s going to change your life. Try to be calm when you’re talking with them, and not too excited. Sometimes that excitement will scare people away.

If you are working towards a goal, such as an incentive trip, or a regional training event, or reward, let them know that and see if they are interested in earning it as well, or helping you to earn it.

As you’re talking with the people on your list, there are three things you are looking for: Team Members, Customers, and Referral Partners. Don’t pressure them, just show them what you are doing and ask if they’d like to join you in one of these three areas.

And, as you are growing your Avon Leadership Business, you’ll always want to be adding to that list.

There are lots of ways to do that, including life styling (giving out brochures and getting contact information), networking events, running ads, or Social Media.

Avon has some amazing training on how to build your business on Social Media in Avon U that are well worth checking out.

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Build Your Prospect List To Build Your Avon Business

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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