Building A Digital Avon Business While Continuing To Follow Up

Building A Digital Avon Business While Continuing To Follow Up

Building A Digital Avon Business While Continuing To Follow Up

Great News! Avon is going Digital!

No longer do you need to label brochures, pass out brochures, take orders, deliver orders, and all the other busy work type activities that came with an Avon business.

With Digital Avon, you will still want to take care of any customers who want your personal service – that doesn’t change.

But now you can focus on building more online business by sending people to your Avon provided online store!

So let’s look at some tools to help you make that transition to a Digital Business.

In my mind, although I definitely would love to have a 100% Digital Business, I don’t want to give up the business I already have. So I will continue to provide service to my current customers while I am working to grow the digital part of it.

Even with a completely Digital business, it is crucial that you maintain some control of your business and your earnings by following up.

So I have a few tools to help you follow-up while you’re growing your Digital Business.

As you are out and about and talking to people, and yes maybe even passing out brochures, you will want to collect their contact information.

I have updated my Avon Drawing Form to take advantage of the new tools that are available to us. You can download the new Drawing Form here.

As you go about your day, and are talking to people, this Drawing Form is the perfect way to collect their contact information so that you can follow up.

Avon Drawing Forms with Digital Option The drawing slip asks them for all their contact information, and then asks them how they would like to receive their brochure:

  • Physical – In the Mail
  • Digital – Email
  • Digital – Text

And it asks if they like to learn more about selling Avon

As they are filling out the form, now is the time you can say, “Have you ever thought about being an Avon Representative or making some extra money?”

Now that I have their contact information, and know their preferences… when I get home, I immediately plug them into my Automated Follow-Up System.

If they want the brochure in the mail

I add them to Campaign Mailer, and then each campaign I can just make a few clicks and they will receive a brochure in the mail just like they asked.

No need for me to label or deliver brochures.  I let Campaign Mailer do all the work.

If they want a Digital – Email Brochure

I add them to my email list so that I can let them know when the new campaign starts on my online store.

If you don’t have an email list or are not ready for that yet, it’s totally okay. Be sure to add them to your Avon Address Book on and let Avon email them. You can also send out emails from your web office if you want.

If they want a Digital – Text Brochure

I add them to my Customer Brochure List on Project Broadcast so that with a few clicks I can text them to let them know when the new campaign starts.

I have a Shuffle Card that I text to them, which gives them an overview of what’s hot that campaign and lets them browse the entire brochure on their phone.

Here is my Shuffle Card

Lynn's Current Brochure Card

If you click on the image of the card above, or click here, you can see the card in action.   If you decide you want to try this, there is a link on my card where you can design your own card.

If you don’t want to use an app like shuffle, you can also create a contact for yourself in your phone.  Be sure to include all the ways they can contact you and a link to your online store.  Then add the prospect to your phone contacts, and share your contact with them.

You’ll still want to add them to a texting service such as Project Broadcast so that you can stay in touch with them and let them know when the campaign changes over.

Regardless of how they want to receive their brochures

I add every prospect to my Address Book on Avon is the expert at emailing them and sending them the specials for each campaign. When they are receiving emails from Avon, they’re more likely to come back and shop again, or even shop online for the first time.

Be sure to go through my Automated Follow-Up System for more training on how to use these tools.

Follow-up is crucial even for a totally Digital Business.

Sure, you can invite someone to shop on your website and get orders and earn commission, but you want to find a way to bring them back to shop over and over again. That’s where you’ll get true financial freedom.

By implementing this automated follow up system; you’ll be in touch with your customers and potential customers on a regular basis, providing them with information about the products and services you offer.

These simple tools take very little time and they help you maintain that high-tech high-touch with your customers, which will help them feel like you really care about them.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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