Building Community In Your Avon Business

Building Community In Your Avon Business

Building Community In Your Avon Business

Many times when someone joins Avon as an Avon Representative, they think their business is about sales.  But it’s really about building community.

Many times, when an Avon Representative thinks about recruiting, they think about all the great salespeople they know, thinking, “Who can I get that sells? Who can I get that’s an existing sales person?”

And they’re super excited that these sales friends will help them build a huge business!

But that’s not always the case.

The problem with salespeople is that they’re trained for transactions. They’re looking for, “How can I make a sale today?

Avon is in the Network Marketing Industry.

Sure there are sales involved, but the pure power is in residual income, passive income, and duplication.

A salesperson typically won’t last long when they sign up to be an Avon Representative, because they’re not making a lot of money right away. They don’t understand our business model.

When they don’t make the big money that they’re used to right away, they will typically disappear and go back to whatever they were selling, because truth is, they would make more money selling cars or houses.

The Power of Network Marketing in Your Avon Business is Not Transactions, It’s Building Community.

Of course, we want to sell products and invite people to join Avon as Avon Representatives.

That’s where our business starts.

But if you stop there, you haven’t built a community and a culture that embraces your team, and builds leaders and top sellers.

The real power is in you getting more duplication – getting more people to do what you’re doing.

The real power of your Avon business is showing people that you have a simple process (or system) that they can follow too, that’s not based on their personality, charisma, or sales ability.

Salespeople come in with a transactional mindset.

They don’t need tools, presentations, or systems. They have the personality and charisma to be able to sell.

But those abilities are not duplicatable.

How much are you really going to make on a $6.99 lipstick? You’d have to sell a lot of those lipsticks, right?

And don’t get me wrong. We have many Avon Representatives who just sell Avon products and make lots of money.

Selling works great for some of us if we’re willing to stick with it while we build that business.

In fact, sales is where you get your quick money today.

But build a team, teach them a system, duplicate what you’re doing and you’ll have a whole army selling those lipsticks…

And that turns into real money!

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Building Community In Your Avon Business

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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