Building Your Avon Business with Cards Made Online

Building Your Avon Business with Cards Made Online

Building Your Avon Business with Cards Made Online

You are a busy Avon Representative, and you have enough to worry about with wondering how to find that next person who wants to be your customer or new team member.

Greeting cards can help this process.

Your current network includes your current customers and those who you’ve done business with in the past.  These are the best people to start with to get a constant stream of referrals coming in.

Greeting cards are also very helpful for me with my follow-ups.  Whenever I have someone interested in Avon – whether it’s an ALMA Lead or someone I met at a show or out and about – I send them a series of postcards over time as well as my regular calls, texts and emails.

In today’s world when people don’t open emails or ignore texts, getting a card in the mail can make all the difference!

My ALMA Conversation rate is above average and I attribute that to my follow-up process which includes sending cards in the mail. 🙂

Your network also includes other business owners who may have a business that compliments yours and with who you can get together for joint venture opportunities.  A great example of this would be an Avon Representative joining forces a Representative from another non-competing company – maybe Tupperware or Scentsy.

When you take the time to send an unexpected physical greeting card to your customers or others in your network,  you make them feel special and appreciated.  When they feel that way, they will be inclined to refer business to you above everyone else (who doesn’t necessarily make them feel so special).

When your Avon business has an endless stream of referrals through the relationships that you’ve cultivated, this will give you peace of mind.  Your business will be growing at a steady pace and will not have to endure that feast or famine syndrome.

Pixingo gives you the ease of sending the card directly from your computer.

Sometimes people are cautious about opening those eCards, but they will be so surprised when they receive paper card from you – right in their mailbox.

It’s such an easy and effective way to save time, create joy, and build relationships at the same time.

Try it here!  Send a card on me.  You’ll be glad you did!

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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