Business Cards to Promote Your Avon Business

Business Cards to Promote Your Avon Business

Business Cards to Promote Your Avon Business

Business cards can be one of the most powerful and inexpensive ways to promote your Avon business as long as you use them properly.

1 – Always have your cards with you. 

They won’t do any good if they are at home or in your car.  Carry them in your purse or pocket.

2 – Give a card to everyone you meet.

It’s best to do that at the beginning of the meeting.  Be sure to give one to everyone if you’re in a group.

3 – Get in the habit of getting a business card every time you give one out.

Keep some blank cards in your pocket or purse for those who don’t have cards and have them fill in their information.

4 – Take a couple of seconds to look at your prospects card. 

Show interest by saying their name and verifying that you have the pronunciation correct.  Ask about their title or anything else on the card.

This can give you a great way to build rapport.

Tell them you like to send Birthday Cards, and ask for their birthday and to what address would they like to have that sent.

Write their address on the back of the card if it not already there.

5 – At the end of the day, send out a “Nice to meet you” card to everyone whose business card you received.

Then be sure to set up a reminder to send them a birthday card as well.

6 – It’s always best if you have your photo on your card. 

People tend to keep cards with photos.

7 – When paying your bills, insert your business card in the envelope with the payment.

You never know when someone who is opening those envelopes might be interested.

8 – Distribute your cards everywhere

bulletin boards at grocery stores, libraries, schools, or anywhere people congregate are great places to leave them.

9 – Ask for referrals.

When giving out your business card, it’s better to ask them for referrals of who they know who could benefit from your opportunity.  This takes the pressure off them, and many times they will say they want information themselves.

You could even give them 2 cards – one for them and one for someone they think would be a great referral for you.

10 – Return the favor.

If you’ve given 2 cards to your prospect, get 2 cards and ask them who would be a great referral for them and you will share the other card.

11 – Resist the urge to print your business cards at home on your inkjet printer.

Your cards are the first impression your prospects receive of you.  Make it professional.  Business Cards are inexpensive, and if you’re really on a tight budget, try VistaPrint.

12 – Keep your business cards up to date. 

If you change your phone number or web address, get new cards printed.  Don’t just cross out the old information and write in the new.  Remember, this is your first impression.  Make it a great one!

Not Interested In Paper Business Cards?

When it comes to the debate between Digital Business Cards vs Paper Business Cards, we can be sure that both sides have good arguments to make.

Fundamentally, both types of cards serve the same purpose — they help you create business opportunities and grow and leverage your network.

There is an option to create a digital business card with Shuffle.

Check out this post here to learn more about that.

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Business Cards to Promote Your Avon Business

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Lynn Huber

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