Can Men Sell Avon Too?

Can Men Sell Avon Too?

Can Men Sell Avon Too?

Well can they??? Do you believe that Avon is only the “Company for Women?”

Actually men can sell Avon just as well as, or sometimes even better, as women can.

My husband, Richard, would say YES! In fact, for many years he had a big sign on his truck boldly proclaiming: AVON, the Company for Women… and a few good men!

Peter would also say YES! I can’t give you his whole name because I don’t have his permission, but Peter is the #1 income earner with Avon USA!

Just on our team, we have Mark, who sells Avon with his wife, Laurie. And we have Rick, who sells Avon with his wife, Tina. All four of them just earned Avon’s latest promotion, Cruise Like a Boss, and earned a FREE Cruise to Bermuda!

Actually, we have quite a few men on our team. In some cases, the husband and wife joined as a couple, sometimes the men waited until their wives became successful before stepping in, but many men came to the table alone wanting to grow a big business.

Richard has gotten pretty good at helping women find the perfect colors for their makeup. And skincare is a breeze for him. He uses it himself and sells it. After all, men and women both have faces; and both want to reduce the signs of aging on their skin.

Men want to look good, smell good, and slow the aging process just as much as women do. And sometimes, surprisingly, men are even more vain! 🙂

With the job layoffs and the economic struggles we’re currently dealing with, more men are giving Avon a second look. Men make up roughly five percent of the Avon Representatives and account for some of the company’s highest-earning Representatives.

Sure there are other opportunities out there for men in the network marketing and direct sales profession. Most of them are difficult to promote because the products are expensive, and unless you are involved in the company to make money you probably wouldn’t be using them.

But Avon is different. Avon has products that people actually want and can afford. Everyone knows what Avon is. and Avon is backed with 125+ years of trust.

With the opportunities of growing a team and selling Avon’s top-of-the-line product, Avon has become a top contender for both men and women in the home business industry.

In this century, skin care has caught up with and passed cosmetics in purchases. With the youngest baby boomers turning 55 in 2019, the popularity of products that fight wrinkles and signs of aging will only grow.

Sure, women make up the majority of all Avon Representatives, but there are a few good men building strong Avon businesses too. And more are joining every day.

Avon is just “good business” with the ability to build a team of Avon Representatives and earn commission from their sales, while creating an unlimited earnings opportunity.

Never make assumptions about who may be a great salesperson, and don’t be afraid to recruit a few more men into your growing team!

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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