Capitalize On Your Avon Journey

Capitalize On Your Avon Journey

Capitalize On Your Avon Journey

When it comes to promoting your Avon business, it is very beneficial for you to share your Avon Journey – no matter where you happen to be in that journey.

Sharing your journey with your prospects can help people relate to you and feel like they can do what you have done as well.

Think about it…what are some of your favorite success stories?

They are likely the ones from people who had the same kinds of goals or struggles that you had. The ones where people were able to overcome those struggles to achieve their goals.

We love these types of stories because they enable us to put ourselves into the story and imagine how it will feel when we achieve that type of success.

This goes for product testimonials and business testimonials.

We all root for the people who are like us in some way.

We want to see them succeed because they give us hope that we can too.

Another great reason to share your Avon Journey is that great testimonials spread like wildfire.

I bet you have seen some testimonials within Avon that everyone knows about.

Generally, people with popular testimonials get shared a lot. Which means your name gets shared a lot.

That, in itself, can bring you quite a bit of attention as people want to work with someone who has had success with the products or the company.

In fact, I would view it as your Avon Journey being part of your brand.

People buy brands that they feel a connection to.

So how do you go about telling your Avon Journey?

I think that there are at least 5 critical components to any direct sales journey:

Component #1: Your Initial Introduction

The first thing that you want to do is let people know how you found out about the products and Avon.

Perhaps you had a problem that needed to be solved or a need that needed to be met.

Maybe you were invited to a home party or a Facebook party.

Perhaps a friend invited you to try the product or sign up.

Perhaps you saw someone posting about it on Facebook.

Let them know how you first became aware of the products and/or the opportunity and what made you look into it more.

Component #2: Your Objections

Now is the time when you can block objections that people may have by bringing up the objections that YOU had.

Maybe you thought the products wouldn’t work for you.

Or that it was too much of an investment for you to make at the time.

Maybe you were even one of the people who thought that direct sales was a pyramid scheme and that you wanted nothing to do with it.

Tell them what your objections were.  You will likely get the attention of people here who are feeling the exact same way.

When they hear that you had the same concerns that they do, they will want to hear about what, exactly, changed your mind.

Component #3: Why You Took The Leap

After you have talked about how you were introduced to the products/opportunity and addressed any concerns that you had, tell your audience why you decided to take a chance on it.

Was it a powerful testimony that pushed you over the edge?

Was it the compensation plan that drew you in?

Did you try the products and fall in love with them?

Component #4:  How Your Life Has Changed

How has your life changed since you started your Avon Journey?

How are the products impacting your daily life?

How is the additional income making things easier?

What about the other benefits, such as the new friendships, the flexibility, or the joy of being your own boss?

Even if you aren’t making a lot of money yet, how is what you are making helping?

Even if you still work another job, what are the benefits of having an additional source of income?

Component #5: The Future

Finally, what is the prospect for your future?

What are your goals for your business?

How do you imagine your life will be one year, five years, or ten years down the road?

Will you have complete time and financial freedom?

Will you be able to go on family vacations or pay for your child’s education?

Will you be able to retire early on focus on your family?

Dream big and let them know that you have complete faith in being able to do this because you have seen it done by others in your company.

The Story of Your Avon Journey Can Be A Powerful Sales or Recruiting Tool

Answer each of these components, and you’ll have a very powerful story to tell.

Remember, people love to hear stories.

Share yours when talking to people face-to-face, online… wherever you are.

In fact, we’d love to hear about your Avon Journey.

Please share in the comments below.  We’d love to hear your story.

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Capitalize On Your Avon Journey

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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