A Catastrophe Journal

A Catastrophe Journal

A Catastrophe Journal

What we think in our minds and what we say to ourselves will eventually become what we believe.

Many times we talk to ourselves much worse than anyone else would judge us.

Many of us have that negative self-talk – that little voice inside our heads that keeps telling us how incompetent we are and how we don’t measure up to everybody else’s standards.

A catastrophe journal can help us overcome this.

It’s just a simple blank book. Write in it like a journal. Keep this book specifically for your catastrophes.

Every time you feel that you’ve completely blown it, that you’ve ruined everything, that you’re going to lose your friends, or your home or your future, or whatever it is that you’re currently berating yourself for – write it down in your Catastrophe Journal.

This is just for you.  Nobody else needs to see it.

You only need a few sentences. Write down:

  • What you did that was so horrible.
  • What you think will happen as a result of what you did.

Do this every time you feel like you’ve totally screwed up or a catastrophe occurs.

As time goes by, you’re going to see two things happen:

  • You will realize that your predictions of doom never come true, and
  • As soon as you begin writing down the details, the habit we have of making the details worse and worse over time will slow and stop.

You’ll start to find that it’s not really a catastrophe. It just feels that way.

Usually a month of keeping your Catastrophe Journal is all you need to start to break the habit.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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