Collect Contact Information From Everyone You Meet

Collect Contact Information From Everyone You Meet – It’s Crucial To Your Business

Collect Contact Information From Everyone You Meet – It’s Crucial To Your Business

To be really successful selling Avon, it is crucial to continuously collect contact information from everyone you meet.

And then you want to find a way to stay in touch, without trying to constantly sell to them or being a “bug.”

By providing information that’s interesting and beneficial to them, you become a resource.

Then you can work to build your Brand, and so when someone thinks about needing some Avon products, or wanting to sign up to sell Avon, they think of YOU.


Note, the video shows the old Avon website.  Avon has updated our websites with a whole new look.  But otherwise, everything in here is still good information and will help you build your busienss.

As promised in the above video, here are some links:

Avon Drawing Forms – This is an updated form from the one in the video.  It gives your prospects a choice about how they’d like to receive their brochure – physical, digital by text, or digital by email.

Every Customer Should Receive an Avon Brochure – Blog Post I wrote about the Campaign Mailer, the company that mails my brochures for me.

Prospecting With Drawing Slips – Blog Post I wrote about how to do drawings at local businesses.

MailMunch – This is a WordPress Plug-in I use to collect email addresses. You have to have a personal blog to use this.

How to Create Your Own WordPress Blog – This is the nitty gritty details about how to get hosting for your blog, and how to get it setup.

Collecting contact information is the most important thing. Even if you meet someone and they don’t buy, or you do a table at an event, and don’t sell as much as you wanted, if you have their email address, you can email them with tips and updates, and over time, you never know, they may still end up being your best customer or top team member!

Remember, it won’t happen overnight. It takes time to build a business, and Avon is no exception. It wakes a lot of work, persistence, and consistency, but over time you will get results.

Just collect that contact information and then stay in touch. Don’t get discouraged. Keep trying, stay in touch without being a bug or always trying to sell them, and over time, your business will grow.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber