The Importance Of Collecting Payment At The Time Of Order

The Importance Of Collecting Payment At The Time Of Order

The Importance Of Collecting Payment At The Time Of Order

Today, I want to discuss a crucial aspect of our business – collecting payment at the time an order is placed.

You will have to pay for your order at the time you place it, so it’s important to collect payment from your customer so that it doesn’t come out of your pocket.

This simple yet powerful practice can significantly impact our success as Avon Representatives.

I’ll also provide you with various payment options and a solution for setting up a payment landing page.

Let’s dive in!

An Order Without Payment is Just a Wish List

I know that Avon used to allow us to pay 2 weeks after we received our orders.  That is no longer true.

Remember, an order without payment is just a wish list.  It’s not an order until payment is received.

When you take an order, just simply say, “How did you want to handle that today?” just like you hear from other people when you place an order.  You might add your options, such as “cash, charge or check?

If they say, “I used to pay for my Avon when it was delivered.” just say “Oh, I remember when they used to do that!”  Then say, “I can take payment by credit card, Venmo…” (and whatever options you have available to you)

No other direct sales company collects on delivery — they ALL collect at time of order.

The Significance of Immediate Payment:

Financial Stability

Collecting payment upfront ensures a stable cash flow for our business.

It helps us avoid financial strain and allows us to meet our own financial obligations.

Customer Commitment

When customers pay at the time of order, it solidifies their commitment to the purchase.

It reduces the likelihood of cancellations or unpaid invoices.


Immediate payment streamlines our order processing.

It eliminates the need to chase payments, saving time and effort.


It portrays us as professional and trustworthy representatives, enhancing our reputation and customer trust.

Payment Options

Now, let’s explore various payment options you can offer to your customers:

Square Credit Card Processing

Square is a user-friendly and secure platform that allows you to accept credit card payments easily.

You can process your customer’s payment, and then it will be directly deposited into your bank.

I use Square quite often, and if you sign up with my link, you can get $1,000 in free credit card processing.

Venmo and Cash App

These peer-to-peer payment apps are convenient for customers who prefer digital wallets.


PayPal is a super easy way to collect payment.


Zelle enables quick and secure bank-to-bank transfers, which some customers may prefer.

Check or Cash

Of course, checks and cash are also options available to you.

They’re not as easy when you’re taking an order over the phone or by text because you’d need to find a way to pick up the money or have them drop it off or mail it.

These are just a few of the options available to you.  There are more out there.

Let Your Customers Decide How They Want to Pay You

We have a solution for you! You can set up a personalized Boards Landing Page with multiple payment options.

Here’s how it works:

Join our OnlineBeautyBiz Board here.

You will need to input your Email Address and sign up for Boards if you haven’t already.

Join the OnlineBeautyBiz Board

Once you are signed up, our OnlineBeautyBiz Board will show up in your account.

Inside the OnlineBeautyBiz Board, I have some sample Pages.

One of them is to take payments.

You’ll find these on the Main OnlineBeautyBiz Board under the folder called Pages.

Let Your Customers Decide How They Want to Pay You

You can copy this Payment Page to your own Board and edit it to make it look the way you want, and to include the payment options you have chosen to work with.

Watch the training here to understand how it works and how to customize your own page.

Share the Link

Text or email the link to your payment page to your customer when they place an order.

They can choose the payment method that suits them best.

The customer makes the payment directly through the landing page, ensuring a seamless and secure transaction.

Remain Neutral When Discussing Payment Options with Your Customer

It’s essential to remain neutral when discussing payment options with your customers.

Present all available choices and let them decide which one they are most comfortable with.

Collecting Payment at The Time of Order Is Critical To Your Success

Collecting payment at the time of order is a game-changer for our Avon business.

It ensures financial stability, customer commitment, and overall efficiency.

By offering multiple payment options, including the convenient Boards Landing Page, we make it easier for our customers to pay the way that suits them best.

Remember to stay neutral in your approach, allowing customers to choose their preferred method.

Let’s make this practice a cornerstone of our success!

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The Importance Of Collecting Payment At The Time Of Order