Communication Skills For Your Avon Business

Communication Skills For Your Avon Business

Communication Skills For Your Avon Business

Are you looking to build your communication skills to help you build your Avon business?

The word communication is a general word in its meaning.

It could take on many roles, depending on the use and context.

It also has many formats as its delivery mechanism. You can listen to music or watch videos, or you can read a book.

Conversations are forms of communication as well.

Because of the general aspects of communication, it’s difficult to imagine formulating it into a skill.

You can actually earn a college degree in communication.  That’s a good thing because it elevates the field.  But a college degree isn’t necessary to build communication skills for your Avon business.

It just takes basic knowledge and some practice.

Pay Full Attention

We are all busy.  Everyone’s lives are full.

It’s easy to find your mind wandering off.

But it is critical that when you’re with a prospect or customer, that you dedicate 100% of your attention to each transaction.

Otherwise, you’ll miss details and make your prospect repeat things they’ve already told you.

It’ll be obvious when you’re not paying attention, and that’s no way to treat your customers and prospects.

Practice Active Listening

Not only do you have to listen, but you also have to listen actively, otherwise your conversation won’t really go anywhere.

Too often, most of us are waiting for our turn to talk or thinking about what we’re going to say next instead of truly listening to the other person.

One way to increase your ability to actively listen to others, the next time you are speaking with someone, repeat back everything they say.

That may be a little unnerving to them, at first.

But, if they look at you with a bewildered look, explain that you are just making sure you understood what they said.

Once they get past the awkwardness, they will welcome the exchange.

Read Body Language and Control your Own

The same sentence said by someone who’s smiling, looking directly into your eyes, and sitting up straight is received very differently than when the speaker is looking away and slouching — even if they meant the same thing both times.

That’s because while we can say pretty much anything we want, our body language often reveals our true intentions or meaning.

Great communicators know how to read others’ body language so they can anticipate the direction a conversation’s heading, and also make sure their own body language isn’t sending out signals they don’t mean to broadcast.

Be empathetic

You don’t necessarily have to agree with everything your prospect is saying, but you should always at least try to see things from their point of view.

And that means more than just saying, “Hmm, I see where you’re coming from.”

The best Avon Representatives are able to connect with their prospects because they actually understand how their prospect is feeling, and what their needs are.

Not only does being empathetic make you more likable, but it also increases your chances of closing a deal.

When you understand your prospect’s needs, you’re better equipped to understand what they care about, which makes it more likely you’ll be able to help them.

Understand What’s Not Being Said

Good communication skills also mean hearing and understanding what’s not being said.

Prospects sometimes don’t tell the whole truth. And that’s okay, as long as you know how to spot when it’s happening.

Is your prospect looking at your Avon opportunity because they need to make money from home, but they’re afraid they won’t be able to do it?

Is your prospect sold, and loves your skincare, but her husband will object to her spending the money?

These are crucial things to know, and you can’t suss them out until you learn to read between the lines and understand what’s not being said.

Learn as Much as You Can

The more you learn about your Avon products and the business opportunity, the better your communication skills will be.

Prospects will never trust you if it doesn’t seem like you really understand your business or products, or how to best help with their specific needs.

Become a Product of Your Avon Product

Use and wear as many Avon products as you can.  As you develop a love for the products, you will naturally sell more.

Be sure to take advantage of the Avon U training, and the many webinars and Facebook Live trainings as you can.

If you don’t know the correct answer, it’s perfectly okay to tell your prospect that you don’t know but you will find out for them.  Then follow-thru, get the answers, and reply back as soon as you can.

Be Genuinely Curious

The key to good communication is asking good questions.

And if you’re not actually curious about your prospect’s situation, it’ll be all too easy to slip into your elevator pitch before you’ve established whether any part of it is relevant to your buyer.

Great communicators are naturally curious about their conversational counterparts, and that’s especially crucial in sales — ask questions first, then answer them later.

Don’t Make Assumptions

if you’ve been an Avon Rep for a while, you can easily fall into a routine.

Unless you have independently verified a piece of information or your prospect has said the words to you, never make an assumption about their situation.

For example, maybe you’ve given the 6 brochures, and now you’re thinking they’re not interested.

But have you asked them that?

Never assume someone is not interested, either in your products or your opportunity, unless they have indicated as such.

Many times, it’s just not quite the right timing.

But if you continue to follow up, you will be there when the timing is right.

If you make an assumption that they are not interested, you may be shocked to see them at the next convention walking across the stage being recognized for their great accomplishments.

But they’re not on your team, because you assumed they weren’t interested.

Trust me, that is a hard lesson to learn.

Be Persistent, Not Pestering

Along those same lines, we’re not looking to be a pest.

There’s a fine line between persistence and pestering, and it’s crucial to understand it.

Continuing to call and email your prospect too often without knowing why they’re not responding is counterproductive and can only serve to annoy and alienate them.

If you haven’t received a response to a follow-up message, try a different approach.

Instead of forwarding the same email to your prospect, start fresh with a new headline and an easier call to action.

Once you re-engage them, steer the conversation back to business.

Be Comfortable With Silence

When they ask a question and the prospect gets quiet, most reps immediately try to fill that silence by asking a follow-up question or clarifying their ask.

Instead, pause for around three three-to-five seconds before speaking again.

That way, you’re not interrupting an important thought your prospect might be having, and you’re setting the precedent that silence is welcome in your conversations.

Good Communication Skills = Sales Success in Your Avon Business

Sales communication skills are by far the most important weapon in a salesperson’s arsenal.

Make sure to keep yours sharp and ready to use.

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Communication Skills For Your Avon Business

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