Conquer Your Fear Of Prospecting!

Conquer Your Fear Of Prospecting!

Conquer Your Fear Of Prospecting!

Do you ever feel nervous when speaking to prospects about joining Avon?

Do you dread the minutes leading up to making a phone call or starting a new conversation?

No worries – it’s totally normal.  All of us have felt that very same anxiety at one point, and it’s a common fear for anyone in any kind of direct sales business.

Avon Leadership can be challenging, but it also can be so rewarding!

Avon offers us TWO main ways to earn:

  1. SALES – We can earn through our sales of Avon products.
  2. TEAM-BUILDING – We can earn by inviting others to Avon and helping them to be successful with their sales of Avon products.

While the heart of our business is the sales of Avon products, building a beautiful team of Avon beauty bosses can be a rewarding, exciting, and profitable way to grow your Avon business even further!

You can appoint new Representatives as part of your team and help them achieve their sales goals.

When you mentor others, not only will you be earning a percentage of your own sales, but you will also earn a percentage of the sales that your team achieves.

Sound scary? It kind of does when you first think about it, but once you get started you’ll find that it’s really not scary at all.

Anyone can become an Avon Leadership Representative, whether you’re an existing Representative or if you are joining Avon for the first time.

Avon provides plenty of training and tools to help you succeed. And you have your upline, or me, to help you as well.

It’s really not difficult. The most important thing is that if you care about the people you are helping be successful, and come with a servant mind, you can’t help but be successful.

How to Invite Someone to Sell Avon:

First, get in the mindset that Avon is the best opportunity out there!  And you are the one and only person who can offer your prospect the life and career they truly desire.

There are so many people today who need what you have to offer!

Of course you want — and probably have already— shared your network marketing opportunity with the ones you love such as your friends and family. Why is this? Because you want to share the greatest gift, the knowledge of and potential for success, with the people you truly care about.

So, if you want to share this with the people closest to you, don’t you think other people deserve this opportunity too?

When you start recruiting you will be talking to strangers and people you barely know.

Your prospects can be the waiter at your favorite restaurant, the clerk at the grocery store, your Uber driver, the yoga instructor at the local yoga studio… The possibilities of all the people you can prospect are endless!

So, of course you may feel fear and anxiety when talking to these people.

So, start small.

You’re already offering them an Avon brochure, right?

And you’re collecting their contact information so that you can follow-up before you place your order?  Don’t be afraid to ask for their number so you can text them.  People don’t mind being texted and they appreciate knowing when you will be placing your order so that they don’t miss out.

If you’re using this form to collect their contact information, it’s easy.  The form already asks if they’d like information about selling Avon.  Watch which boxes they are checking and create small talk around it.

Whether you’re using the Drawing Form or however they’re giving you their information, you can say something like, “Have you ever thought about selling Avon?

This just gets the conversation started and gives you an idea of their level of interest.

I always, always offer the Avon opportunity to everyone I meet.  Then if they’re not interested, they can be a customer.  If they’re not interested in being a customer, maybe they can share your brochure with one of their friends and sort of become a referral partner.

Some Tips to Help you get over your Fear of Prospecting:

It can be intimidating to make that initial contact.  Especially when you are new at it.

Remind yourself that you are reaching out to these people to help them!

You are presenting a once in a lifetime opportunity to become a successful Avon Representative.

Without you, they would not have this opportunity and would not be able to gain the success and fortune that you present them with.

So with this mindset, encourage yourself and reassure yourself that this is a conversation that each prospect has been waiting their whole lives to have!

Just offer them the opportunity to sell Avon.  It’s not about convincing them.  It’s just offering the opportunity.  Then they get to make their own decision.

Keep in mind that you have no idea what’s going on in that person’s life.  You don’t know if they need money for some reason, or maybe they’re just bored in their life and need something to stimulate them.

If you don’t even offer them the opportunity, you took away their chance to make that decision.  You decided No for them without even letting them know what you had to offer.

We have team members from all walks of life.

  • We have Avon Representatives who have used selling Avon to enable them to be stay-at-home moms.
  • We have Avon Representatives who have been able to give up their full-time “power jobs” in order to live their life on their terms.
  • We have Avon Representatives who have paid their way through college by Selling Avon.
  • We have Avon Representatives who don’t need the money at all, but love selling Avon because of the sense of accomplishment they get out of it, or the friends they make.

The list goes on and on…

Once you Start the Conversation, the Nervousness Starts to Fade and you can Begin Focusing on the Person.

Everybody you meet is a potential prospect, either they become an Avon Representative or someone who refers prospects to you, or as a customer.

Know that everybody you approach has value to your business – the key is making that first contact, building the relationship, and sifting through the serious ones versus those that are just curious.

You have no way to know who will be good at selling Avon, or even who might be interested in selling Avon without starting that conversation.

And that’s why everyone you meet is a potential prospect.

Now that you have the right mindset to prospect, think about the conversation you want to have.

How do you want the conversation to play out? Do you want to immediately present your business idea? Or do you want to get to know the prospect first and wait to share your Avon Business at a later date?

Of course, it mostly depends on the situation.

If it’s a waitress or someone you meet as you go about your day, you will want to offer a brochure, get their contact information and ask them if they have any interested in learning more about selling Avon.

If it’s someone on your list that you’re contacting, or someone you met at a class you’re taking, it might not be so straightforward.  Maybe you’ll want to get to know the prospect first.

You can certainly play this out by how the prospect reacts, and it will most likely change from person to person. Regardless, you should always keep in mind the following.

Start off the conversation with a compliment:

Make it an honest compliment.  They will see right through you if you aren’t being real.

It could be something tangible such as their earrings, their lipstick, or how they did their makeup, or it could be a characteristic that you admire such as their humor or their confidence.

Think of how you feel when you receive a genuine compliment; now, offer that feeling to someone else and find something that you truly respect about the other person.

Find something in common:

If they have kids with them and you are also a mom, that’s always a great place to start.

Maybe it’s a sports team or a hobby.  It could be connected to how you just met them.

Make the conversation about them so they can talk about themselves. At the end of the day, everyone loves talking about themselves!

Let them talk to you and let them open up to you. Find out what your prospect is passionate about and assert interest in their interests.

When you approach your prospect with the goal of finding something in common, they start to feel comfortable around you and will learn to trust you.

Speak with passion:

When you express genuine excitement and belief in your Avon business, the prospect feels your energy and will feel the same excitement too.

If you truly believe the Avon opportunity is the best, assert that confidence to every level.

Your prospect wants to see you glowing, happy, motivated, and passionate and if you capture these emotions, they will be sure to pay attention.

Don’t be too pushy:

If you just offered them an Avon brochure and they say, “No, thank you,” just thank them and let it go.  There’s no reason to try to convince them.  There are plenty of others out there who are interested in both your Avon brochure and your Avon opportunity.

If you’re not just offering the Avon brochure, and working to get to know them first, you want to build a relationship before you present a business idea.

As mentioned before, this will vary person to person and the circumstances.

If you feel like your prospect is still a little uncertain, leave it at that and ask for a follow up meeting or call.

Or, if the prospect seems eager and interested, you can present more in the initial contact here. Use your judgment.

Don’t be afraid of hearing No

The more you do this, the better you will get at it.

Keep in mind that seriously, the worst possible scenario that could happen is that your prospect tells you no.  It’s just a no.  It won’t hurt you.  Let it go, and then move onto the next person.

You did your job by offering it to them, but they chose not to take that offer.

You can’t control their choices, but you can control your efforts.  You did your job and that’s what matters.

Even if your prospect doesn’t show any interest, no worries… Just smile and try to keep that relationship.

You never know, the prospect who said no two months ago could be your superstar Representative two years later!  And that does happen.  They just weren’t ready at that time.

If you continue building the relationship and showing that you have a genuine interest in your prospects and their lives, your prospects will always feel comfortable around you and respect you.

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Let’s have some conversation!

EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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