Create A Custom Album On Your Facebook Page and Use It For Your

Create A Custom Album On Your Facebook Page and Use It For Your Facebook Parties

Create A Custom Album On Your Facebook Page and Use It For Your Facebook Parties

Custom albums are a great way to brighten up the shopping experience in your Facebook Party.

Sure, you could just give a link to your Avon Online Brochure and let them scroll through that. But doing that might not necessarily be the best thing to keep your guests engaged.

Your Avon Brochure could be overwhelming. When you’re hosting a 30 or 60-minute Facebook party, there’s a lot to cover. Your online brochure might be just too much to browse through in a short period of time.

Also, you don’t want your guests to leave Facebook. Once they’re off Facebook and looking at your online brochure, they might forget to come back.

By using a custom album, you can focus on a specific product category.

Your party attendees can see the products and comment under the picture. It’s fast and easy.

Here are just a few reasons why you might want to consider using a Custom Album for your party.

They look fantastic!

Everyone will be able to scroll through the big, beautiful images right inside your party. You can add descriptions to capture their attention.

So if you want to do themes, you could create specific albums, such as jewelry, FootWorks, Holiday items, etc.

Lynn's Shared Album - Autum Romance Collection

Facebook Loves Them.

Facebook loves that you’re posting one single post instead of posting dozens of posts within minutes in order to show each product.

It’s also easier on your guests to not have so many posts within such a short time.

Using albums helps lessen your chances of freaking out Facebook’s computer algorithms, and that’s always a good thing.

Using Albums on Your Facebook Party will Increase Visibility on Your Business Page.

We all know how hard it is to get engagement on our business pages these days. But when you use these custom albums in your Facebook party, guests will comment on them and all comments will remain in the album on your business page.

Facebook sees that you’re getting more engagement, and so they start showing your images to more people in the newsfeed.

How to Create a Custom Album:

Go to your business page and then click on Photos, and then Create Album:

How to Create a Custom Album:

You can upload as many pictures as you’d like and you can add notes and captions, and even links to the item on your website if you want. These will appear as post messages in the album.

That’s it! Make sure your album is public so that everyone can see the images.

Then once the album is created, click on the album again to open the album.

Go all the way up to the URL in your web brower. That’s the link you will post in your party, along with whatever text you want to add to your party post.

Finding the Link to your Facebook Photo Album

You can create several different albums, and share them separately on posts within your party.

For instance, I have one called Top 10 Items of Avon, and I’ll post that in my party. Then I’ll have a couple of engagement posts, and then I’ll post another album like this Autumn Romance Collection, or whatever is featured in the current brochure.

I use a post scheduling tool called CinchShare.

CinchShare makes it easy to create and post to multiple Facebook parties in seconds! And it has now replaced all of the other tools I have been using.

With CinchShare you have the ability to pre-schedule all of your posts for your party AND you can Batch Post and reschedule your party posts to a new party in less than one minute and use them again and again!

It can also post your album links, making it super easy!

The thing I LOVE the most though, is I can schedule the entire party, which frees me up to engage with the guests while the party is going on.

They also have a feature that allows you to quickly find and replace the name of hostess, party links or any other words on the new party.

Because of CinchShare, I am going to cancel all my other social media posting tools. Before I found CinchShare, I needed 3 different tools to do everything I needed. Why pay for all of them when CinchShare does it all for only $100/year or $10/month!?!

And, I have a special deal for you… when you signup using my link, use code: CSFree to receive an additional 30 days added to your 14-day trial, for a total of 44 days free!

Note:  If you have an upline in Avon, please check with them to ask if they have a CinchShare link before using mine.  They can offer you the same deal.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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