Creating Customer Profiles in your Avon Address Book

Creating Customer Profiles in your Avon Address Book

Creating Customer Profiles in your Avon Address Book

Avon offers you a great way to manage your customers in your Avon Address Book.

You’ll find your Address Book under the Web Office Tab.

In each customer’s profile, you can add their contact information, birthday, anniversary, etc.

You can also note your first contact with them, and even schedule a “Next Contact,” which will help you to keep track of your follow-ups.

There is a personal notes section where you can add information that you find helpful to know about your customer, such as where you met them, their favorite Avon products, their interests/hobbies, details of conversations… so you can have something to talk about, or anything that you want to remember about that individual customer.

Once you start submitting orders, your customer’s invoices will automatically be added to their profile, so it’s easy to see what they have ordered from you over time.

You can organize your list of contacts by placing individuals in groups. This can help you find customers profiles/names much easier.

For example, when printing mailing labels, you can choose to print a certain group(s).

You can use the groups Avon has all ready created or create your own.

Personally, I recommend organizing your contact list in a way that will best meet your needs & help you stay organized.

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