Credit Card App That Could Help Your Business

by Lynn Huber on December 21, 2016

Credit Card App That Could Help Your Business

First, let me preface this article by saying Avon handles credit card processing for you at no charge.  But sometimes you might want to have a way to get your payment right now, or not have to hassle with the Avon credit card processing system.

There is an App called The Square from, which offers a free device that turns your Android, iPhone, or iPad into a credit card payment processing station.   If you’re delivering an order to a customer, this will give you the option to receive your payment directly into your checking account.  And you’ll know right away if their credit/debit card is good or not.

It’s simple to use too.  Just sign up for a free account at and they’ll send you the card-reader for your device – FREE! You link your Square account to your bank account and then download the free card reader software to your phone.

Start the software, plug-in your card reader, punch in a price to charge for your product or service, and then swipe the customer’s card through the card reader slot. Your customer signs for the purchase right on your mobile device and then you are prompted for their email address so Square can send them a receipt. Square also prompts for a short description of what was purchased.

The card reader and the App are free.  You’ll be charged a 2.75% processing fee for every transaction for which a card is swiped.  If you enter the information without swiping the card, the fees are a little higher.  But there are no monthly or yearly fees, and you don’t even need a business bank account… your personal account works just fine.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested, be sure to check it out at!

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