The Decision Making Process For Your Potential Customer or Recru

The Decision Making Process For Your Potential Customer or Recruit

The Decision Making Process For Your Potential Customer or Recruit

Just like with most other behaviors that humans display, there is a decision making process that we go through.

Understanding how your prospective customer or recruit makes their decision is critical to figuring out how YOU will proceed with your sales pitch.

Avon Reps sometimes make the mistake of having a one size fits all pitch that they use for every potential customer or recruit.

However, successful Avon Representatives know that they have to tailor their responses based on where the person is in the decision-making process as well as on each particular situation.

There is no one size fits all approach that actually works. However, there are some guidelines to keep in mind when you are out there prospecting.

Stages of the Decision Making Process

There are a variety of stages that people go through when making a buying or business decision.

How the seller responds in each of these decisions can impact where they go next in the process.

Step #1: Need Recognition/Problem Recognition

In this stage, the prospect recognizes that they have a need that needs to be met or a problem that needs to be resolved.

If they do not have a need or a problem, then there is really no motivation for them to consider whichever solution that you have to offer.

At this stage in the process, your job is to ask questions to figure out if they have a need or problem that your product or opportunity can address and (more importantly) to get your prospect to recognize that that need or problem actually exists.

If you fail to do this, then chances are you will lose your prospect before you have even had a chance to talk to them about what you have to offer.

Step #2: Information Search

At this stage in the process, your prospect knows that they need to search for a solution, so they are seeking out information on what their options are.

They seek out information from a variety of sources: their own personal experiences, friends, family, colleagues, websites, reviews…and the business themselves.

That is you, the Avon Representative.

At this point in the decision making process, your job is to provide them with information about what you have to offer and how it can benefit them.

You’ll also want to provide them with information about how they can get started.

Step #3: The Alternative Evaluation

This is the point when your prospect will “shop around” to see what all of their viable options are.

They will consider such things as features, functionality, branding, reputation, etc. in order to determine which option is the best fit for them.

Your job as an Avon Representative at this point is to illustrate to them exactly what it is about what you have to offer that makes it the better deal.

This could be the quality and effectiveness of the products, the outstanding nature of the compensation plan, or you.

This is a great time to use stories to illustrate your points.

Tell stories about how others use your product and how happy they are with their results.

People love stories and it will help them get excited. They aren’t interested in facts.

Remember… Facts tell, Stories sell!

What your customer really wants to know is “Does it Work?”, and “Will it work for me?”

If you can answer those questions with a story, you’ll most likely make the sell.

You have to get them to see the value of choosing to do business with you rather than with some other company or consultant.

Step #4: The Purchase Decision

At this point, your prospect has decided to place an order with you or join your team.

You have successfully shown them that their investment is well taken care of being placed in your hands or with Avon.

Your job at this point is to make sure that the process of placing an order or signing up is as straightforward as possible, even if you have to walk them through it step by step.

You don’t want the process to be difficult because they may end up changing their mind or not doing business with you again.

Step #5: Post-Purchase Behavior

Your job is not over once they have placed their order or joined your team.

You want to do everything within your power to ensure that they feel as though they have made the best decision by ordering from or signing up with you.

This means that you need to be sure to follow up with them, make sure they understand everything about what they ordered if they are a customer or everything about the business if they joined your team.

You want to be sure to be there to provide them with excellent customer service or support so that you do not lose them as a customer or representative.


I hope that this lesson in the consumer decision making process has given you some valuable insight into marketing your product/opportunity and working directly with your prospects.

Do you think that this information will help you to refine your marketing/prospecting strategy?

If so, how?

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.  I would love to hear your stories.

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The Decision Making Process For Your Potential Customer or Recru

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