Distractions In Your Avon Business

Distractions In Your Avon Business

Distractions In Your Avon Business

Having your own Avon business has a lot of great advantages, but sometimes you will receive distractions from your friends and family.

Your Avon business is great!

You can set your own hours, be your own boss, make and reach goals for yourself, and build your business the way that works for you.

But there can be drawbacks too.

For example, your own Avon business is totally dependent on you.

There are no paid vacations, holidays, or sick time.  When you don’t work,  it just doesn’t get done and will be there waiting for when you get back.

I mean, that’s not all bad.

Done correctly, your Avon business brings residual income – more than enough so that you can take those vacations or time off, and your business will keep thriving.

So obviously, the positives definitely outweigh the negatives.


But one thing you’ll need to learn to deal with is the distractions from your friends and family while you’re working hard to build your business.

Your friends and family love you and as soon as you start working from home, they get excited at the thought of you being more accessible when they want to spend time with you.

This can be tough because it’s hard to say no to the people that you care about.

But if you don’t say no, it can cause you to not be able to do the things you know you need to grow your business, and it can make you feel pressured and stressed.

The reason that family and friends behave this way is because their lives don’t necessarily look like yours.

They may have more free time.

When they’re home, they’re not working, so they don’t get that when you’re at home, you’re not just relaxing on the sofa watching whatever is on television.

You might also experience the friend who needs help with something like an errand or she wants you to babysit her kids so she can run errands on her own.

Or maybe you have the friend who drops by just to chat or have a cup of coffee.

Relatives might show up unannounced.

They might want you to go out to eat with them or go do an activity together.

Priorities are Important

Though your friends and family may be well-meaning, you have to understand that your priorities aren’t the same.

So, it’s likely that they’re not going to act like they’re on board with your priorities when you’re working.

Most of the time though, it’s just because they don’t understand.

They don’t know what’s required of you with working from home.

Set Boundaries

It’s up to you to make sure that they understand.

This is where it can get a little tricky because you want to be careful not to let any frustration or stress you feel spill over onto the relationship.

But you do have to speak up.

Doing this is crucial to your ability to work at home as well as keeping the peace with family and friends.

It’s always best to set boundaries for family and friends right from the start.

You can simply give them your schedule and tell them that those are the hours you’re not available for phone calls, drop-ins, or anything that’s not an emergency.

Maybe you didn’t do that in the beginning, so now you’re having to deal with distractions from people used to you being available.

The best way to nip this in the bud is to be honest.

Tell them that when you get distracted from work, it’s more difficult for you to get back in the flow.

Let them know that when you take an unscheduled break from work, it can throw you behind in your projects and you have to end up working late.

Make it a policy that you don’t answer your phone during working hours from family or friends.

But that brings me to another point.

Sometimes family members should interrupt you, but the key is to get them to know which interruptions are okay and when.

Give them examples of things that are both urgent and important that you can be interrupted for immediately (disasters and emergencies), as well as important but not urgent things that can wait until you take a break.

  • Urgent and important: someone broke a leg.
  • Important but not urgent: someone needs new shoes.
  • Neither important nor urgent: someone found the remote that went missing two minutes ago.

Then if someone interrupts you or calls you, and you discover that it’s not something urgent, you can tell the person that you’ll need to call them back later.

Find Your Focus

Dealing with distractions is a must in any work environment, including your home office.

By proactively anticipating distractions you may encounter as you are building your Avon business from home and figuring out solutions ahead of time, you’ll be setting yourself up for success each and every day!

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Distractions In Your Avon Business

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Lynn Huber

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