Don’t Be Afraid To Admit Mistakes & Get Real With Your Custome

Don’t Be Afraid To Admit Mistakes & Get Real With Your Customers

Don’t Be Afraid To Admit Mistakes & Get Real With Your Customers

Everyone is human. Everyone accepts that others are “just human.”

If you are worried that your customers will not like it if you admit to a mistake, try making a mistake and not admitting to it.

When you get real with your customers and act like yourself, flaws and all, you humanize yourself in a way that will pay off with loyal fans.

Say I’m Sorry Often –

Any time you make a mistake, say you’re sorry. The more you practice doing it, the more natural it will come.

Did you send out a duplicate email newsletter, sorry! Did you spell something wrong in your last webinar, sorry!

Each “sorry” gives you an opportunity to get back in touch with your audience.

Admit to Your Mistakes Openly –

When you do make a mistake, it’s best to admit it and take responsibility for it openly.

You cannot control what others do so when you do this, always focus on what you did that you can now change.

Show Empathy to Your Customers –

When you can talk to them about how they feel and demonstrate that you get it through your words and actions, you’ll get them on your side.

Your customers will know when you’re being real and that’s what matters to them most.

Get into Detail About What You Believe Went Wrong –

When you are telling them you’re sorry, explain to them what you did wrong.

When you give point by point information about where things broke down and did not work, the customer can see that you’ve given it a lot of consideration and they’ll feel cared about and heard.

Give Information About How You Will Prevent This from Occurring Again –

Since you can explain what went wrong, you can also explain how you’re going to stop it from happening again.

That way, you take the risk and fear from them.

Move On –

It’s important for you to move on past each instance that you must say you’re sorry to a customer.

If they cannot move on, they might not be your ideal customer. But if they can, they may end up one of your most loyal and raving fans.

When you are an open book to your customers, you’ll find that they appreciate you even more.  Making mistakes won’t end your business or even make you lose a fan.

When you do send them information about your mistake instead, they’ll feel bad for you and you may even find another avenue for sales.

When your customers see how loyal you are to them, they’ll want to be loyal to you too.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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