Duplication Is The Key To Your Success!

Duplication Is The Key To Your Success!

Duplication Is The Key To Success!

While prospecting for people to join your business, you want to make your steps easy to duplicate.

Your prospects are watching what you do and they’re wondering two things:  “Can I do this?”, and “Will it work for me?

It is your goal to make what you’re doing to work your business simple enough that even an eight-year old can explain it.  The idea is to have your prospects watching you and thinking “I can do that… and I can even do it better!

What do You Want to Duplicate?

You want to become what you want to duplicate in your business.

If you want to recruit successful people into your business, then you’ll want to be that successful person.  If you want to recruit business builders, then you want to be that business builder.

Sometimes, it’s better to sell products to the people who don’t want to actually work a business.  That way it can be a win-win for both of you.  If they really don’t want to work a business, you can offer them your product.  They will be happy with the product and you’ll benefit from the sales volume in your business.  This will help you to not duplicate that person who doesn’t want to work.

Remember you set the pace for your team. 

If you sponsor 10 people per month, your team will likely sponsor 5.  If you sponsor 5, your team will likely sponsor 3.  If you sponsor 1, your team will likely sponsor 0.

So set the pace, work your business, and do the best you can.  Your team will follow your lead and duplicate what you do.

Spend your time prospecting and sponsoring.  Don’t spend as much time motivating and training.  Of course training is important.  Your new team member needs to know what to do.  But teach them and then send them off to build their business while you continue to build yours.  And don’t allow your business to fall off because you’re spending time on your team members.  Both are critical to your success.

Most companies already have a system in place to help you prospect for team members and customers.  Your job is to duplicate the system that is laid out for you.  Keep the steps simple and teach those simple steps to your team.

One idea that’s easy to duplicate.

Set up a pop up event and bring your team member along with you.  This can be a table at an event or in an empty parking lot on a busy street, or even in a coffee shop.  She can watch how you talk to people, and both of you will be growing your business at the same time.  It’s a win/win for both of you.  You didn’t let your business fall back, and now she’ll be better able to do this on her own.

The easier it is to follow, the more likely your team will duplicate your steps.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber